10 Great Charities for Women and Children in the UAE

10 Great Charities for Women and Children in the UAE

Charities for Women and Children in the UAE


Children and women are those sections of society, which need our utmost help when life gets tough for them. It is because kids cannot support themselves, and women are still vulnerable gender in many societies and cultures. In today’s discussion, we highlight the noble work done by some charities in the UAE. These chartists for women and children in UAE have been playing their role in the welfare of these two particular sections of the society, for a long time. In this discussion, we talk about 10 such charities for women and children in UAE, and their role in uplifting the underprivileged as well.

1- Khalifa Foundation

The Khalifa foundation was established in the year 2007. The foundation concerns itself with the welfare of kids, who do not have access to even primary level education. The foundation also takes care of the health care needs of women and kids, in UAE and globally as well.

2- Dubai Foundation for Women and Children

Domestic abuse is a curse. Those who suffer from it need a long time for their scars to heal. The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children is fighting this evil since 2007. The foundation takes care of those women and children, who have been a victim of domestic violence.

3- Zakat Fund

This is one of the main public bodies operating in the UAE. The job of this body is to collect the zakat from all over the Emirates, that too in an official capacity. The collections are then used for running the projects, which take care of widows and orphans all across the UAE.

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4- Al Ihsan Charity Association

It is a tough world for orphans and children, who cannot provide for themselves. This charity makes sure that it can help all such underprivileged families in the UAE. It focuses on providing provisions mainly.

5- Funday Sunday

Sometimes, listening and sharing can do much more than a piece of paper of money. Funday Sunday is one such organization that believes in helping children with special needs. Any kid with special needs can attend such an event, completely free of the charge. The events are usually held at places like Fun City.

Top 10 Charity Organizations in the UAE

6- Act Now Campaign

The modern-day lifestyle has had a massive impact on the health of our children. Gone are the days when kids used to be slim and smart. As of today, they are nothing but obese. In terms of obesity, the UAE ranks at a very undesirably high place in the rankings. This initiative aims to get rid of obesity in children in the UAE.

7- Make A Wish Foundation UAE

Make A Wish Foundation tries to fulfill the wishes of those children, who are diagnosed with life-threatening diseases. It is one of the best ways to spread a bit of joy on the faces of those angels, who are terminally ill.

8- Pink Caravan

Breast cancer is one of the biggest killers when it comes to annual female fatality numbers. Through early diagnosis and management, cancer can be managed. Pink Caravan is a charity that believes in helping women fight this evil. The organization believes in early testing and screening, as well as spreading the word about this devilish disease.

9- Valley of Love

Life is hard, but we pray you never see the hardships of death. Sometimes, impoverished families cannot afford the proper rituals of death even. It is charitable organizations like Valley of Love, which step forward and help such people in distress. Apart from that, financial assistance is offered to families as well.

10- Emirates Red Crescent

If you do not trust any of the charitable societies that we have discussed above, you can always opt for Red Crescent to make your donation. The Emirates chapter of this organization is as effective as the other chapters in the world. There is no friend like Red Crescent in times of peace and war.


Who knows what would have happened, if these charities were not working in the first place? Many children and women would have found life even harder. However, thanks to these wonderful institutes and charities for women and children in UAE, the flame of hope is still alight and fluttering merrily!

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