10 Great Charities for Women and Children in the USA

10 Great Charities for Women and Children in the USA

charities for women and children in the USA


Children cannot take care of themselves, especially if they do not have any family to support them. Thanks to the enlightenment period, women are far better protected than they ever were. However, the dream that every woman can proudly say I am an independent woman who needs no man to buy her food is sadly, still a dream. It is because of these reasons that these two components of society deserve our utmost attention and care, especially when they cannot take care of themselves. There are some great charities for woman and children in the USA In our today’s discussion, we are going to look at ten such institutes, which are serving as great charities for women and children in the USA.

1- Kids in Need

School supplies cost an arm and a leg these days. The families who are struggling to make both ends meet can hardly be expected to buy school supplies for their kids. This is where Kids in Need comes into action. This organization strives hard to provide the essentials to the most deserving students. This has a dramatic effect on the overall attitude towards studies in students.

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2- Fistula Foundation

Fistula is a condition that can develop because of childbirth without proper care. This can render the woman in question, incontinent. The Fistula Foundation is an institute that strives to provide the best conditions to the birthing mother. The first goal is to prevent fistula, but if that cannot be achieved, then surgeries are carried out.

3- National Women’s Law Center

Working-class women, especially the low-income category, face many challenges at their workplace. The National Woman’s Law Center is an organization that is fighting the battle for women on this front. Their advocacy and policies have benefited countless women in countless ways.

4- Newborns in need

This is one of the great charities for women and children in the USA, which provides clothing and blankets to the newly born but poor babies. Babies need extreme care when they are born, a lack of facilities can prove detrimental to their health. Apart from clothing, the organization provides diapers and bottles as well, for newborn babies.

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5- Share Our Strength

According to a careful estimate, more than 13 million children in the USA are at risk of undernourishment. A program at share our strength encourages people to give their one hour wage for eradicating childhood hunger. Similarly, fund-raising for this purpose is done as well.

6- Dress for Success

The best way to help someone is to offer them independence, rather than independence. The initiative under discussion is one of the greatest charities for women in the USA. It helps women become economically independent by linking them with the clothing industry in many ways.

7- SOS Children’s villages

A great charity for children not only in the USA but also in the entire world, SOS Children Villages are doing a remarkable job. The philosophy with which these villages work is that every child needs a family, even if they have lost their parents by saddest misfortune. The atmosphere at these homes certainly verifies this statement.

8- Girls Not Brides

This platform brings many organizations together, to fight the curse of child marriage. Yes, it happens in the USA as well. The platform operates on a global level and enjoys funding from some of the most reputed charitable foundations in the world.

9- I Have a Dream Foundation

If someone offered you a high school degree with the promise that he or she will pay your college tuition fee, what would you do? Exactly what the students at this prestigious foundation do. More than 180 dream projects are functional in the US now. This program is doing a great job of developing law-abiding citizens.

10- Reach Out and Read

This organization works under a fascinating philosophy. Doctors and nurses are trained to educate the parents of sick kids, about the value of reading. Not only that, but they have also already given books to more than 1.7 million kids!


We wish we could go on; there are so many other charitable institutes, which are doing a noble job by striving for women and children’s rights. However, the limitations of time and space force us to conclude this article. Hopefully, you learned something, if not everything! Oh, and if you have caught the giving bug, some of these charities might appeal to you as well.

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