Best Platforms to Give Charity to in Canada

Best Platforms to Give Charity to in Canada

Charity in Canada


The greatest act of grace is giving. If you have any qualms about this statement, you need to have another look at what humans have achieved by giving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Humanity was in danger, so humans joined hands together to fight a threat. The way humans responded to a calamity of unprecedented nature is truly remarkable, much of this response was and is based on charities and donations. In this discussion, we are not going to talk about charities that are concerned with the welfare and betterment of society in Canada. Whether it is CanadaHelps or CauseVox, many donation platforms are doing a great job in Canada. Because of limitations of time and space, we are only going to discuss five such charities in Canada. So, without further ado, let us begin! 

1- CanadaHelps

CanadaHelps is top of the charities when it comes to charity in Canada. The reason for this excellent ranking is the wide variety of opportunities that this organization presents for its donors. If you haven’t heard about this organization already, we can tell you that this is a platform that has been designed to make giving charity easier for Canadians. The fee that you have to pay if you use this platform is minimal and the customer care couldn’t have been better! What else are you looking for in a charity platform! 

2- Muslim Hands

This is an international, Canadian organization that firmly believes in eradicating poverty from the world. Muslim Hands relies on your donations and sadaqah money to help the underprivileged members of society. It is the 21st century and there are still people out there who cannot afford one single meal in a day! The organization also believes in education for all and takes steps that take the human race one step further away from illiteracy. Other projects are concerned with hygiene and sanitation. In short, your sadaqah money is in good hands if you put your trust in Muslim Hands! 

3- CauseVox

This is an amazing crowdfunding platform charity in Canada and if you don’t have an idea about crowdfunding, let us help you there. In simple words, crowdfunding is a method of raising funds in which one raises small amounts from many streams or people. It is exactly antagonistic to traditional fundraising in which the idea is to generate funds of considerable volume from one party only. The easy-to-use interface of CauseVox makes things comfortable for a donor as well.

4-Canadian Feed the Children

The fact that Charity Intelligence Canada ranked Canadian Feed the Children as one of the top 10 impact charities in Canada speaks volumes about this platform’s credibility. The main philosophy that governs this organization’s actions is that no children must go to bed hungry. The organization attracts its sympathizers in multiple ways. A potential donor can donate to this organization’s cause either by donating a daily or a monthly basis. Apart from that, the society also accepts gifts as well as accepts sponsorships for individual children. All in all, a great platform to comfort kids in distress!

5- Transparent Hands

One option that you can consider is Transparent Hands. When it comes to crowdfunding for health, there is no platform bigger than Transparent Hands in Pakistan. The range of healthcare services offered by Transparent Hands is astoundingly vast. From medical and surgical treatments to medical camps and telehealth facilities, the NGO makes sure that the underprivileged Pakistanis have access to quality healthcare services. The NGO believes in creating a patient-donor bond while making sure that the protocols of transparency aren’t breached at any point. The NGO realizes the need for free medical camps in the rural areas, hence it actively sets up such camps as well. To donate, donors can log in to the Transparent Hands crowdfunding web portal from anywhere in the world. Payment modes are one hundred percent secure. Every donor has absolute freedom in selecting and funding patients of their choice. The NGO makes sure that regular updates until complete recovery are sent to the concerned donor.


As we mentioned in the beginning, we are bound by the limitations of time and space. And you can guess from our tone that we have to wrap up this discussion here, can’t you? However, we bid you farewell on an optimistic note that you learned something if not everything about platforms like CanadaHelps from this discussion!

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