Buy stuff from AmazonSmile and Donate to TransparentHands Charity

Buy stuff from AmazonSmile and Donate to TransparentHands Charity

Buy stuff from AmazonSmile and Donate to TransparentHands Charity

If I say AmazonSmile will really donate a part of your purchase and that donated amount will be a reach to the right and the really needy person!

This is happening now and for last many years. Through this program, AmazonSmile is now donating a 0.5% of your purchase to the charity of your own choice and this project is called as AmazonSmile. Any buyers who are willing to give something to a charity can now do their purchase from the online retail shop that is named as AmazonSmile and can be reached at

The project was launched in 2002 and since then is donating about 0.5% of every single purchase to millions of charity organizations. These organizations are registered with the government are operational in the US with the IRS standards. These organizations we working on a number of categories and supporting people in different sectors of life. With the ought most authentication these charities are operational and you can choose from millions of the charities on the AmazonSmile, before making a purchase.

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-> Now Shop on AmazonSmile and Donate to TransparentHands

The online purchasing process is the same as that of conventional Amazon site all you need to do is to get direct from a different link. You will need to logging to your Amazon account from and proceed by selecting your favourite charity organization. You can choose one charity at a time but can change it later whenever you want to. You can pick a charity of your choice by typing its name in the search field.

Rest of the shopping process is simple and conventional as always to that of You will find same products and same shopping experience that you have been experiencing since last man-years. But with AmazonSmile you can benefit your favourite charities at the same time. Buy stuff from AmazonSmile and Donate to TransparentHands Charity

Signing In & Searching Organization:

You can see a different user interface, based on if you have signed into the Amazon account or not. When you are signed into the Amazon account, you can go to the search bar and find the charities list. If you are not signed in, add your singing details and logging to your account first.

Selecting the Organization:

There you will find the Transparent Hands by typing the name in the search bar. Select the organization name and move to next step. There are chances you will find many other organizations in the search list; you can proceed by selecting the one you are willing to donate to.

You can donate as much as you want as with AmazonSmile Foundation; there is no limit to maximum donations you can make. The best perk for this way to donate is that you are assured with the most authentic and renowned charity organizations that you will find on the AmazonSmile. This means that your money donated will reach to the right people, moving from the rights.

Transparent Hands Charity is one of the most appreciated charity organization that is offering services to facilitate the poor people to pay their medical bills. The foundation is working impressively since long providing a long history of success and healthy projects where the needy people went thought the knife without any tension about thief medical bills. Now you can buy stuff from AmazonSMile and donate to TranspparentHands Charity at the same time.

If you want to make a donation directly to Transparent Hands Foundation, you can reach the team and make your donation online.

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