How Crowdfunding can help tackle poverty

How Crowdfunding can help tackle poverty

Crowdfunding is an amazing practice, through which small to a huge amount of money can be raised from a large number of people all over the world, through digital platforms to support a specific cause. For example, you can post a cause or an idea for which you want to raise funds online. People who like your post/campaign/story could provide financial support. That’s how the Crowdfunding system works.

Now the question arises, can the Crowdfunding be useful in tackling the poverty in underprivileged societies? The answer might be YES. There are many NGOs who are serving the poor and deprived people in such areas through fundraising. There are various causes for which they are working including education, women empowerment, healthcare and infrastructure.

Two forms of online Crowdfunding:

There are two forms of online Crowdfunding that can alleviate the poverty; loans and donations. The loan helps poor people in setting their own business or resolves a specific problem they might be facing due to extreme poverty including education, food, manufacturing and transportation. This way, people are able to stand on their own feet and hence resulting in reducing the poverty. There are many platforms offering such service; among them is a very well-known and reliable organization ‘Kiva’ which provides loans to the needy people in under developed places. People from many countries can select the specific campaign and lend money which is repaid according to a planned schedule.

On the other hand, donations are also very helpful source which can eliminate poverty in underdeveloped and developing countries through Crowdfunding. There are many NGOs which are raising funds through online platforms and are tackling various issues for peoples’ welfare.  Transparent Hands is such Crowdfunding platform: which is helping people through donations that means people don’t have to pay back anything. They are working specifically in the healthcare sector, where they take the cases of extremely poor people who are in urgent need of surgeries but can’t go for it due to poverty.

More than 70 million Pakistanis are living below the poverty line. If they encounter any health issue which requires surgery, they either have to sell their limited possessions to bear the cost or continue to suffer which leads to their deaths.


The mission of Transparent Hands is to provide support to such patients and give them better living through Crowdfunding platform, which is reached by the people from all over the world.

Too often we see many people who are begging on the roads and streets for their needs. A little help from our side can provide them a new hope. If you don’t want to give the money straight to them, it is recommended to reach Crowdfunding platforms, select the campaign and donate or lend whichever amount you want. Your little support can help in eliminating the poverty and many other issues in such neglected communities.

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