Donors Can Now Have Their Own Personalized Dashboards

Donors Can Now Have Their Own Personalized Dashboards

In more than two years, Transparent Hands has been able to treat more than 200 patients. Those poor people who were once suffering due to bad health are now living happily after getting their surgeries done. Besides providing best healthcare facility, Transparent Hands have always made sure to facilitate its donors so that they can donate their money with ease and from anywhere in the world. Are you one of those who have donated or wish to donate for our cause? We have introduced a great feature specifically designed for donors. Through this feature, anyone who has donated us through our website can have their own personalized dashboard which will show them how much money they have donated and to whom. This way, donor will have a complete record of his donated amount. See below the following features of personalized dashboard.

Donors Personalized Dashboards

Available Balance

This will show the excess amount of your donation. For example, if a campaign needs Rs. 10,000 and you have donated Rs. 12,000, the excess of Rs. 2000 will be put in your available balance which will then be allotted to any other patient by the system. You can also notify the team if you want to donate that amount to any specific patient.

Amount Contributed

This section shows the total amount you have donated so far. If you have donated two or three times, it will tell you the total of all amounts you have contributed so far.

Pending Contributions

If you have made a donation commitment through the website, this section will tell you the total number of contributions that are pending until the money is cleared and transferred to the trust.

Total Contributions

This will show the total number of donations you have made. For example, if you have donated for 5 times, it will show ‘Total Contribution 5’

Contribution Details

This will show you the amount and the list of those patients for whom you have donated so far.

Contribution Statistics

This graph shows you yearly contributions; how much you have donated in each month.

Surgeries Pie Chart

This pie chart shows the categories of surgeries you have donated for. In the above-mentioned chart, the donor has donated more for neurology surgeries which show the large percentage.

Tax Exemption

Whoever gives the donation will be given tax exemption; all the receipts are uploaded on the dashboard for the donor’s ease.

Giving donations has never been this easy. We urge you to come forward and support the poor patients in need. You’ll have all records, will be given follow-ups, and complete transparency. Donate without any doubt and lighten up the lives of distressed people of our country.



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