Children at Pehli Kiran School need your assistance

Children at Pehli Kiran School need your assistance

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Transparent Hands is going to organize a free medical camp at Pehli Kiran School, Rawalpindi, Punjab. In this medical camp, our team of dedicated doctors and specialists will provide the following healthcare facilities to 850+ deserving people including students, parents and school staff:

  • Free consultation
  • Free blood pressure test
  • Free diabetes test
  • Free hepatitis B & C screening test
  • Free medicines
  • Free blood group testing
  • Free registration of deserving cases for surgeries and medical procedures


Near some of the wealthiest areas in Islamabad, there are katchi abadis or slums where many communities live far below the poverty line. Due to anti-squatter drives, their lifestyle entails moving from one area to another. Since they have no place to go, often their only option is to set up camp near garbage and sewage disposal sites, exposed to a multitude of air and water-borne diseases.

The members of the community most commonly survive by scavenging for sustenance. A complete lack of resources and their nomadic ways force them to live in inhabitable conditions without access to quality healthcare or education.

The Solution:

Pehli Kiran schools cater to the primary educational needs of the children living in the slums near Islamabad and Rawalpindi. They take the classroom into the midst of the katchi abadi setups and if the inhabitants need to move due to anti-squatter drives, the classroom relocates with them. The school schedules are flexible and designed to work around the community’s schedule, to encourage more participation. Until 5th grade, the students study in their own environment. After that, the school introduces them to mainstream formal education.

Pehli Kiran has taken the initiative to provide quality education to the residents of these slums, and we at Transparent Hands believe the same should be done for healthcare. That is why, Transparent Hands is planning to conduct a free medical camp at Pehli Kiran School, Rawalpindi. The students, their parents, and the staff can avail free diagnostic facilities and register their cases with us, should further treatment be needed. To make this camp successful, we need your constant support. Together, we can work towards ensuring that no citizen in our country has to live without healthcare privileges. Please donate generously to this camp!

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