Support Our Medical Camp in Model Colony, Wazirabad

Support Our Medical Camp in Model Colony, Wazirabad

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Transparent Hands is dedicated to improving the health and lives of the underprivileged communities in Pakistan. With a mission to provide quality and affordable healthcare services to the marginalized people, we have taken the initiative to organize a medical camp in Model Colony, Wazirabad. It will provide free medical consultation, treatments, medicines, diagnostic tests, and preventive healthcare sessions to people in need.

Model Colony is an area where people have limited access to healthcare facilities in public hospitals and are unable to afford the high cost of quality medical treatments in the ones that are privately owned. The residents of this area are often plagued by common diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and hepatitis B & C, due to their lifestyle and dietary habits. They also face a lack of awareness and education about preventive health measures, leading to the spread of diseases.

The medical camp organized by Transparent Hands aims to provide a comprehensive healthcare solution to the residents of Model Colony. The camps will have facilities, such as: 

  • Free consultation 
  • Free blood pressure test 
  • Free diabetes test 
  • Free Hepatitis B & C screening test 
  • Free ultrasound test 
  • Free uric acid & cholesterol test 
  • Preventive awareness sessions 
  • Free medicines 

Also, the free registration of deserving cases for surgeries and medical procedures will provide a long-term solution to the health problems faced by poor people.

Healthcare Challenges 

Wazirabad is one of the most populous areas of Pakistan. Despite its population density, the district faces many challenges in terms of healthcare. A major challenge is the lack of access to quality healthcare services. Many residents of Wazirabad have limited access to medical facilities. This results in a high incidence of preventable illnesses, as well as an increased burden on the few healthcare providers that are available in the area.

Another challenge faced by the people of Wazirabad is the lack of awareness about basic health and hygiene practices. This lack of awareness leads to the spread of infectious diseases, particularly among children, who are the most vulnerable. Furthermore, poverty is another factor that contributes to the poor health of the people. Many families cannot afford basic healthcare services or medicines and must rely on traditional or alternative treatments that are not always effective or safe.

Transparent Hands’ Solutions

Transparent Hands is working to address the healthcare challenges faced by the people of Pakistan, and this medical camp in Model Colony, Wazirabad is part of those efforts. We aim at providing free medical consultation, treatments, diagnostic tests, and preventive healthcare sessions. Our camp will also provide free medicines and registration of deserving cases for surgeries and medical procedures

Through this medical camp, Transparent Hands aims to raise awareness about basic health and hygiene practices in Wazirabad. With the help of educational sessions and community outreach, the organization wants to educate the residents about the importance of maintaining good health and preventing the spread of infectious diseases. 

Donate as much as you can to help us provide quality healthcare facilities and surgeries to the poor and needy people of Wazirabad and other areas of Pakistan. These people need your support to improve their health and quality of life.


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