Your Support is Needed For Our Medical Camp in Nagarparkar

Your Support is Needed For Our Medical Camp in Nagarparkar

  • Nagar Parkar
  • 1974
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Transparent Hands aims to organize a free medical camp in Nagarparkar. At this medical camp, our dedicated team of doctors and experts will provide the following services to hundreds of deserving patients.

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Medicines
  • Free Hepatitis B & C Screening
  • Free BSR & Blood Pressure Test
  • Free Medical & Surgical Cases Treatment


Nagarparkar is situated in the district of Tharparkar, at the base of the Karoonjhar Mountains. The residents of Naukot suffer from a multitude of diseases, including acute respiratory infections, diarrheas, and hypertension. The weather is extremely hot, which means that heat strokes are also common. Carrying out agricultural activities is challenging due to the high heat and scarcity of water. As a result, malnutrition is a major illness in this region. A large number of people living in Nagarparkar lack access to quality medical care. Many residents suffer from treatable diseases.

Our Solution:

Transparent Hands attempts to bridge the gap between the disadvantaged and quality health care. Reaching out to individuals who do not have access to improved healthcare is essential. Transparent Hands hopes to meet the healthcare needs of hundreds of people in Nagarparkar by organizing a free medical camp. We provide free consultations, medicines, and diagnostic tests at the medical camps. Deserving patients that need surgeries and medical procedures will be registered by Transparent and treated at one of our panel hospitals. Support this free medical camp to help the underprivileged in Nagarparkar.

 Lanah Ardelan Mohammed

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