National Health Insurance Program in Pakistan

National Health Insurance Program in Pakistan

In a country that spends just 0.42% of its GDP on the healthcare services, there is a dire need for drastic measures that should be taken in order to improve the situation. Pakistan is lacking far behind in its healthcare sector. Even though the country subsidizes health care to some extent in government hospitals but authorities are of view that these facilities are not that sufficient and cannot achieve health targets of the country.

On December 31st, 2015, Pakistani government launched a national health insurance program for the underprivileged citizens of the country, which is said to be most purposeful health care project so far. This program will assist numerous families having daily income of less than $2. Around 3 Million families from 23 districts will receive the health insurance in the first step of the project.

Both private and public hospitals will have this facility so there will be no discrimination in the implementation of the project.  This 9 Billion PKR worth project will cover the cost of treatment of life-threatening diseases such as dysfunctional kidney & liver, chronic heart diseases, HIV, Hepatitis A,B,C and various injuries caused by road accident or burning. Around 50,000 rupees will be utilized for the generic cases whereas 300,000 will be used for major illnesses. On the top of it, there will also be a toll-free number that one could use to complain about his treatment, if not given fairly.

Transparent Hands endorses the project as long as it is facilitating the needy masses. It is a remarkable gesture how the government has started to execute such beneficial projects for the welfare of the people. This way, poor people will have access to the better healthcare services which is the beginning of a stable Pakistan. We hope that this initiative goes a long way and make greater impact on the people who have to confront serious life situations due to lack of financial resources.

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