Donate for Saima Nazir’s C-section

Donate for Saima Nazir’s C-section

Saima Nazir
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Saima Nazir's Story

Getting blessed with children is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to someone, but to bear the cost of childbirth via a C-section surgery is another story. Saima Nazir is a simple housewife who needs this procedure done for her third child to be born safely. With her two older children being born with the same operation, this surgery comes as no surprise, but unlike the previous two times, her parents cannot pay for it anymore. As Saima’s husband is a simple laborer, only earning up to 15000 rupees a month, this treatment is unaffordable for the couple.

C-section is a surgical procedure that is performed on an expectant mother when there is expected complication with the child birth procedure. It is a very common method to help a child be delivered safely and carefully.

“I am really worried about mine and my yet to be born child’s health,” says Saima,” I did not think that I would be able to gather some money this time as my parents cannot help anymore, and we tried seeking help and financial aid elsewhere but unfortunately it was a disappointing experience since we did not get any responses. Recently, we were told about transparent hands and we became hopeful again. I am sure that the doctors will be able to treat me now so that I can embrace motherhood without any worries.”

Saima is not wrong about hoping that she can get operated. Transparent Hands is going to ensure that she gets treated, but the whole process depends on collecting enough money for her C-section surgery. And yes, this is the part where we ask you to donate for a good cause! Help Saima and DONATE NOW!

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