Donate for Samreena Bibi’s C-section

Donate for Samreena Bibi’s C-section

Samreena bibi
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Samreena Bibi's Story

Samreena Bibi is a 25 year old woman hailing from Kabirwala who is in an urgent need of some help! She is pregnant for the 5th  time. Her husband is a laborer and earns roughly 800 rupees in a day. The house they live in has a rent more than that, and that is not the only expenditure they worry about. With 4 children to feed and one on the way, they are living in a difficult state.

The recommended procedure is a simple caesarean section (C-section) surgery, which is performed by making a small incision (cut) at the pregnant woman’s abdomen. It is safe and used very commonly, but of course, it requires money.

All her children have been born through a C-section surgery, and the doctors have recommended her to undergo another one for her fifth child. As stated above, Samreena Bibi and her husband do not have enough resources to manage their daily life needs, so money for a surgery seems impossible. Samreena says:

“I have had this operation four times already so I am not nervous about it, but not having enough money is making me anxious. There are a hundred questions in my mind regarding having alternate options, but the doctors have suggested this specific operation and I trust them. I really hope that some money turns up soon so that I can safely deliver my baby. I feel good about Transparent Hands and I think I will be able to get operated if money is arranged soon.”

Samreena’s case is not complicated, but the issue of money IS standing in her way. You can help her by donating to her campaign! So go ahead and DONATE NOW for Samreena Bibi!

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