Donate Murk Gul for her critical Heart Surgery

Donate Murk Gul for her critical Heart Surgery

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Murk Gul's Story

2-year-old baby girl Murk Gul is a patient of heart disease by birth, and her disease was diagnosed when she was only one month old. Her grandfather works as a tenant farmer, and earns 20,000 PKR in each crop season. Whereas her father works as a dispenser in a private hospital, earning just 3,000 PKR a month. The family makes a total monthly income of 8,000 PKR.  They live together in a two bedroom, joint family house, which is made on their landlords land. The family struggles to pay for basic needs, such as gas, water, and electricity- as well as medical expenses for their only daughter. 

When this beautiful girl Murk Gul was diagnosed a month ago, the doctor referred her to city Sukhar for Echo test due to the shortage of medical facilities in local hospitals. Murk Gul experienced very painful symptoms including high fever, difficulty in breathing, as well as her nails and lips turning blue when she weeps. 

Luckily, the family found out about Transparent Hands, and had our doctors further evaluated the child in order to see how they could give her relief. They were able to diagnose Murk Gul with Congenital Cardiac Defect- Tricuspid Atresia, Hypoplastic RV and Severe RVOT Obstruction resulting in malfunctioning of heart chambers and valves. The only way to combat this heart disease, is for little Murk Gul to undergo open heart surgery. Although this procedure could help Murk Gul lead a healthier life, the family is not able to afford it, as their total monthly income is about 8,000 PKR. 

This family needs your help in the form of charity & donations for her surgical treatment to save their daughter from such a painful heart condition.  With Transparent Hands, you can make online donations towards Murk Gul’s surgical treatment, and really see how it helps.  Any amount of donation or charity you make online is greatly appreciated by the family we are helping.  Give your zakat and donations for the surgery of this deserving child so that she is able to live a long and healthy life.

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