Donate to Nasreen Bibi for her C-Section

Donate to Nasreen Bibi for her C-Section

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Nasreen Bibi's Story

“I am pregnant with my third child. I have many complications which restrict me from giving birth naturally. I do not want to lose my child. Doctors have said if I don’t get a C-section, my baby and I could both lose our lives. I want to give my baby a healthy life and be there for my children. But I cannot afford the cost of the surgery. Please help me.” – Nasreen.

Nasreen is a 30 years old woman who is expecting her third child. She has two children; a son and a daughter. She got married nine years ago and had C-section delivery for the birth of her children from a local hospital. Nasreen lives with her husband and children in a small rented house. Her son and daughter are studying in kindergarten. Her husband is a daily wager and earns around 10,000-12,000 PKR a month.

Because Nasreen has already gone through a C-section before, her condition is not stable to give birth naturally. Because of some complications, she is suffering from severe symptoms which are slowly becoming unbearable for her. Her visit to the doctor revealed that her baby’s health is not stable. This means that she needs a C-section to give birth to her baby, otherwise, either her baby or she might not be able to survive.

The C-section surgery advised to Nasreen is too expensive for her to afford. Her husband tried to talk to different hospitals but no one was helpful. They even went to the hospital where she had previous children but they didn’t listen to her this time. Nasreen’s husband is not capable enough to pay her surgical expenses in a private hospital. After many stressful nights, Nasreen and her husband found out about Transparent Hands and contacted for free surgery.

Your donations will save the life of a mother and her child! Donate now!

Nasreen needs a C-section as soon as possible so she can have a healthy baby and her children can get back their mother in good health. Let us donate today to save their lives. Donate for Nasreen’s C-Section now!

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