Donate to Abdul Rahman for His Cardiac Surgery

Donate to Abdul Rahman for His Cardiac Surgery

Abdul Rehman
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Abdul Rahman's Story

1-year-old Abdul Rahman was born with a ventricular septal defect (VSD). There are two holes in the wall that divides the lower chambers of his heart. This causes high pressure in the heart and reduces the efficiency of circulation by mixing oxygen-rich blood with oxygen-poor blood. His condition was discovered when he was one month old when his parents became concerned about his irregular breathing and took him to the hospital. The doctor informed Abdul Rahman’s parents then that he was too young to be operated on for the correction of the defect and they should wait for a while because VSDs can sometimes close up on their own.

In the months following the diagnosis, Abdul Rahman’s breathing did not improve, so his parents sought another consultation. His tests were conducted, which showed that one of the holes had successfully closed up on its own but the other had not. Due to the adverse symptoms being experienced by the child, the doctor told his parents to move forward with the closure surgery as soon as possible. It is for this surgery that his parents have sought the help of Transparent Hands.

“The only way we can proceed with my child’s surgery is through financial help from others. We have nothing: no resources, no land, nothing to sell. We just have the small weekly wages I get and we try to get by on those.” – Abdul Rahman’s father

Abdul Rahman’s father works as an assistant to a farmer and earns not more than 10,000 PKR/month. With a family of 8, that amount does not suffice. Even small expenses are hard to manage for this family, let alone the high cost of surgery.

We want to help so we are now collecting donations to proceed with Abdul Rahman’s surgery. If you wish to contribute, please click Donate Now.

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