Donate to Amanat Ali for His AV Fistula Formation

Donate to Amanat Ali for His AV Fistula Formation

Amanat Ali
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Amanat Ali's Story

Amanat Ali, now 58 years of age, started suffering from chronic renal failure about a year ago. It all started when he felt a lot of pain in his stomach and was rushed to a government hospital for check-up. The doctors gave him medicines that helped him gain temporary relief from the pain. They did not run tests or look further into his condition. When Amanat Ali stopped taking the medicines, his pain came back and got worse than before.

His condition forced him to visit a private hospital and seek help. The doctors ran a few tests on him and found out that his kidneys had shrunk in size. They did not admit him but gave him a few medicines again and asked him to visit the hospital for regular check-ups.

His health kept deteriorating and his condition got worse. He visited a government hospital due to financial restraints and they washed his kidneys by attaching a vessel to his neck. This process was repeated twice a week. There was no progress and now Amanat has to get his kidneys washed 3-4 times at a government hospital and 2-3 times at a private hospital on a monthly basis in order to survive.

The doctor has now told Amanat that the process isn’t as efficient as it used to be and the only permanent solution to his problem is to get an AV fistula formation at his elbow. Due to his inability to afford this procedure, he has asked for help from Transparent Hands.

Amanat owns a small tyre puncher shop and works hard to make ends meet at such an old age but at the end of the day he hardly earns PKR 12000 a month. He has three sons and 5 daughters out of which three daughters are married. His eldest son lends him a hand at the tyre shop since they cannot afford to hire more people. They are a family of 7 people living in a 10 marla house which was given to them by his parents.

“My husband earns just enough to feed us once a day and if we’re lucky then twice a day and I am grateful to Him. But beyond that, everything is a bonus for us. We were lucky enough to find out about Transparent Hands who can help my husband with his condition. May God grant my husband a long life so he can provide for us and fulfill his responsibility towards his daughters. We are thankful to Transparent Hands for everything.” -Amanat’s wife

Amanat’s only possible resource at this point is the aid he can get from you for his surgery. If you wish to help him out, please donate to his cause today.

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