Donate to Arooj Fatima for Her Colostomy Surgery

Donate to Arooj Fatima for Her Colostomy Surgery

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Arooj Fatima's Story

Arooj Fatima, 14 months old, is suffering from anorectal malformation. Her bowel movements are difficult due to her condition. Until the defect can be reversed, she needs a colostomy- a surgery to make a temporary stool passage. Her parents, however, have not managed to find affordable treatment for her so far.

“We have never had much in life. We plan each day to make sure we have enough to eat. Our joy lies in the wellness of our children so, trying to work out how to support them is all we think about. I absolutely have to figure out a way to get my daughter’s surgery done. Arooj is a small baby, who is supposed to be playing with her dolls instead of dealing with a stressful health problem. She deserves a normal life.” – Arooj’s Father, Faisal Shehzad.

Arooj’s father, Faisal, works as a daily wager and earns around 400 PKR every day. Her mother and grandmother work as housemaids. In total, the household has 12 members and subsists on an income of 28000 PKR. Out of this, 8000 PKR is spent on paying rent for their very small residence near Sargodha. The rest is spent on monthly household expenses and towards raising the children, all of whom are under the age of 10.

Fortunately, a doctor visited the house Arooj’s mother works at and, after hearing about her medical problem, advised the parents to seek help from Transparent Hands.

Their hope now lies in your hands. Every possible donation from you can greatly ease the struggle of Arooj and her family.

Please contribute towards her surgery.

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