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Donate to Shahnaz Bibi for her Thyroid Surgery

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Shahnaz Bibi's Story

In a small remote village in Sahiwal, Shahnaz Bibi carries out her day to day responsibilities. To those who don’t know about her, she appears a healthy happy woman. But she has many battles to fight.

Shahnaz Bibi was only 37 when her husband passed away, leaving her with five children to protect alone. Shortly after, she found out that she has Hepatitis C.

“I couldn’t get treatment. Without a husband, my entire focus was to somehow earn and care for my children. I had neither the time nor the means to go to doctors and buy medicines. I just left it up to God.”

Shahnaz bibi eventually remarried and had one more child. Though financially, things were still far from stable, she had someone by her side to look after her children. Things were carrying on until about three years ago, when she went to the doctor for a check-up and was diagnosed with a cold nodule on the right lobe of her thyroid gland. To treat her condition, the doctors advised a right Lobectomy and Isthmusectomy- the surgical procedure to remove part of her thyroid gland.

When Shahnaz Bibi was diagnosed, she kept quiet about it because she didn’t want to become a financial burden on her family.

“I went to the doctor myself because I didn’t want to alarm my husband or children. When the doctor told me I would need surgery, I was glad that I went alone. We do not have any money for my surgery and I didn’t want my husband to find out I need one. I knew he would start worrying about how to arrange the money. I have six children. My children and household are more important than me.”

She lives with her husband and kids in a small rented home. Her husband earns 12,000 PKR a month as a daily wager. Half of their income goes toward the rent, the other half barely covers food and utilities.

Around three months ago, she found out about Transparent Hands and brought her daughter here for treatment. Now, she is in need of it herself and has put in a request for donations for her thyroid surgery.

Shahnaz Bibi has faced many hardships in life. With your help, we can at least make this process much easier for her

Please donate as generously as possible!

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