Help Us Deliver Tele-Health Facilities to the Deserving People of Chakwal

Help Us Deliver Tele-Health Facilities to the Deserving People of Chakwal

Tele Health
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Tele Health Project's Story

Transparent Hands plans to set up free tele-health facilities in the villages of Dohda, Langah, Hasola and Mulhal Mughlan in Chakwal, Punjab. Through these facilities, we aim to provide free accessible healthcare to the deserving population of these villages.


Health issues in Pakistan are constantly on the rise, yet there is an alarming deficit in healthcare provision here. For each hospital bed, there are approximately 1600 competing patients. There is an abundance of rural and inaccessible areas all over Pakistan that house patients requiring urgent medical care. These patients do not have any medical facilities available to them. Such patients either live with their symptoms and remain undiagnosed and untreated, or have to travel to a nearby city and wait indefinitely for treatment at an already overburdened hospital.

Our Solution:

One of the most important projects that Transparent Hands is working on is the introduction of tele-health facilities in Pakistan. Tele-health is the use of digital technologies to deliver medical care, health education, and public health services by connecting multiple users in separate locations. It comes with numerous benefits such as:

  • Facilitation of patients that don’t have access to doctors
  • Improvement in patient’s access to emergency medical care
  • Reduction of incidences of non-infectious & chronic diseases
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Removal of barriers of time, distance, and provider scarcities when it comes to provision of medical care
  • Empowerment of local medical staff through a ready access to experts

Under this program, we aim to set up tele-health facilities in the villages of Dodha, Langah, Hasola, and Mulhal Muglan in Chakwal, to provide the following:

  • Free primary care & specialist consultation
  • Free lab tests including
    • ECG
    • BSR
    • Pulse & oxygen calculator
    • Temperature checkup
    • Blood pressure checkup
    • Urine screening test
  • Patient history monitoring
  • Remote access to all documents

We strive to treat at least 160 patients in these areas per month, for a period of 12 months. The cost breakdown of this project is as follows:

Device $2870/- $2870/-
2 Laptop (Doctor & Paramedic Staff) $960/- $960/-
Internet Device $40/- $40/-
Internet Device Monthly Subscription Fee $30/- $360/-
In House Doctor Salary $600/- $7200/-
Paramedic Staff Salary $250/- $3000/-
Paramedic Staff Fuel Allowance $130/- $1,560/-
Mini Printer, Paper, Cartridge cost for Prescription $20/- $240/-
BSR Kit, Urine Screening Kit, ECG Gel $150 $1800/-
Total Annual Cost $ 18,030/-


Each village will be provided with the necessary medical and technological equipment for the facilities mentioned above. Our expert in-house doctor will connect to the focus area and will directly receive patient test results and diagnosis and treatment will be communicated back. Hence, through the simple use of technology, healthcare in these villages can greatly improve.

To bring this project to fruition, we need your constant support. Please donate to our tele-health campaign. Your contributions will bring free, accessible healthcare all over Pakistan one step closer to reality.








 Shahzad Hameed A Ali

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 Essam Quraishi

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 Mahmood Khan

Donated: $ 2,000

 TH EmergencyFund

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 Rizwan Chaudhary

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Donated: $ 500

 Salman Yousufzai

Donated: $ 300

 Jahanzeb Meghani

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 Natasha Khan

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Donated: $ 205

 Waseem & Maria Sheikh

Donated: $ 200

 Osman Latif

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 Muhammad Abid Naeem

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 Mohiuddin Zia

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 Khawaja Ahmed Farooq

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 Saad Shamsi

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 Fauzia Kasuri

Donated: $ 100

 Rauf Sheikh

Donated: $ 100

 Atif D Butt

Donated: $ 100

 Mukhtar Chaudhry

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 Azhar Irfan

Donated: $ 100

 Wamiq Hamid

Donated: $ 75


Donated: $ 68.72

 Mariam Asim

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