Reasons Why People Don’t Donate To Charity

Reasons Why People Don’t Donate To Charity

In our daily lives, we come across many individuals and platforms asking for donation. However, there are a number of reasons due to which we are hesitant to donate. When we give even a little amount to any person or NGO that support a specific cause, it creates a huge impact. Despite the positive effects our donation can make, there are some of the excuses that stop us to give money to charity.

Reasons are:

Thinking the Charities are not trustworthy

Many of us have this thing in our minds that most of the charity organizations are fake and they don’t spend the donation amount in the right way. Instead, they use all money for their own personal needs and make profits out of it. The best way to deal with this issue is to check the transparency level of the charity organization yourself and observe where the money is going. Don’t allow few fraudulent organizations stop you from donating. You can do your homework, and then further decide if you can donate to them. 

Not having enough Money

There are many people who don’t have enough money to donate to charities. They may need assistance themselves regarding any specific cause. However, for people like us who can afford to have food 3 times, can shop at big malls and often go for an outing; giving a little amount as less as $5 to the charity organization won’t make us short of money. Our little money can help people in a number of ways. They can buy food, medicines and other necessities.

My money won’t make any difference

‘How can my one dollar make a difference? That won’t tackle health issues, solve education crisis or eliminate poverty. So I should not donate and let the government handle these problems’. These are the excuses why we think our money won’t make any difference. Rather than taking it as an excuse to not donate, we should consider the fact that each and every penny will combine with the dollars given by others and can create a huge impact in someone’s life. For instance, your $5 can help a family have their meal for many days in Pakistan.

It makes people dependent

‘Helping makes people dependent on others’; this is another justification we give when we don’t want to donate. Yes, it makes people dependent to some extent but what would they do when they have little to no means to earn for themselves?  In such cases, they are left with no option than to rely on others. And if they stop taking help, it may affect their living condition and make it worse. We should understand this and try to help such people so that they can have better lives like us.

I donated enough money already

Yes, you already donated money to various people in need. But that should not stop you from giving money again. We often come across many people and charity organizations that are always in need of funds that could help the community. Just giving a little every month will make a big difference.

These are some of the myths that you may think of while deciding whether to donate or not. Think carefully, do research and use your money wisely.

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