Shop from AmazonSmile to Donate to your Favorite Charity

Shop from AmazonSmile to Donate to your Favorite Charity

Shop from AmazonSmile to donate to your favorite charity

Donations have a long history and that is varying with technological advancement. In this technological world of today, there are a number of ways the people are generating and giving donations to needy people in any part of the world. The advancement in communication has also changed the way to raising a word for donation. Shop from AmazonSmile to donate to your favorite charity.

In recent times the online shopping trend had got a huge appreciation and there are more and more people on the virtual market than the psychical market, shopping for their daily needs. There are various retailers who are offering services to the people by offering products from different market sections. With the passage of time, people are getting more and founder of convenient in their life and they appreciate the virtual market place where they can get all the solution for their needs.

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-> AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of your purchase to your favorite charity is one of the most appreciated marketplaces for the online shoppers that offer maximum products at their panel. These products are quality products and are carried by the most trusted producers and brands from around the globe. Amazon has now joined hands with the top authentic charities from the US and has now provided a handy opportunity to the people to give back while shopping.

AmazonSmile is a website that is operated by Amazon itself. It helps the customers to enjoy the same wide range of products with low price, high quality, and the best delivery services with the most convenient features on If a customer makes a donation while shopping he or she will need to log in to, instead of Once directed to the shopping portal via, for every single purchase made by a customer, Amazon will transfer a sum of 0.5%of the net bill to charity. The charity organization can be selected by the customer, based on their interest and preferences of to which cause they want to donate.

How Does AmazonSmile Works??

Visit the Link This is the first step, you will only need to change the link, and the rest of the shopping experience is the same as that of the previous one you deal with while shopping from Amazon.

Signing In & Searching Organization:

You can see a different user interface, based on if you have signed into the Amazon account or not. When you are signed into the Amazon account, you can go to the search bar and find the charities list. If you are not signed in, add your singing details and logging into your account first.

Selecting the Organization

There you will find the Transparent Hands by typing the name in the search bar. Select the organization name and move to the next step. There are chances you will find many other organizations in the search list; you can proceed by selecting the one you are willing to donate to.

Donating With AmazonSmile:

 If you are about to visit amazon smile for the first time, you will need to visit and you will be directed to select a charitable organization from the given list of eligible charity organizations. These organizations are authentic, eligible and registered with the IRS standards.  You can change the charity organization any time you want to. To change the charity organization you will need to login to our account. This can be done from your desktop, laptop or your smartphone.

What Products Can You Buy on Amazon?

Amazon is a diverse retailer that offers a wide range of products to shop for. These categories include;

  • Media including DVDs, Books, Music CDs, Softwares, and videotapes, etc.
  • Baby products
  • Apparel and fashion accessories
  • Beauty products
  • Consumer electronics
  • Groceries
  • Gourmet foods
  • Personal and health care items
  • Scientific and industrial supplies
  • Jewelry and watches etc.
  • Kitchen items
  • Musical, garden, and lawn items

Shop From Amazon & Donate Portion of Your Purchase

Amazonsmile now helps the shopper to shop their favorite products and donate an amount from their purchase to the charity of their own interest.  With the latest advancement of Amazon, it is now easy for a number of customers to shop from amazon smile to donate to your favorite charity. With each purchase, you will be donating 0.5% of the total bill to the charity cause. has registered millions of authentic charities that are offering the opportunity to help the needy in real-time. This list includes the well-known American Red Cross, St, Jude Children Research Hospital, and many others.

To save lives, shop from Amazon without altering your past online shopping experience from


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