Social Media and Poverty Explained by Transparenthands Trust

Social Media and Poverty Explained by Transparenthands Trust

Social Media and Poverty Explained by Transparenthands Trust

In the technologically advanced world, we are here to witness a number of new aspects of life, every single day. The technology has made our life faster and easier in some ways. However, it is also having positive as well as negative impacts on our life. Social media is one such aspect of this technologically advanced world that have had an impact on the life of people in a number of ways. Social Media and Poverty

Apart from many other aspects of human life, social media also have had an impact on poverty. Social media is a world of new opportunities and the experts suggest that we must not waste these opportunities. As said by Nelson Mandela “Education is the greatest weapon which you can use to change the world”. Education is power, and it should be available to everyone”

The Global Situation:

Even though, about 57 million children are not attending schools, across the globe. This inequality has led to a clear increase in poverty. The poverty is increasing in all parts of the globe and the time has come ti raise a voice against the issues and find the solutions. However, in the last decade, the world has witnessed an extremely successful anti-poverty working. The life of millions of people is still bleak. There are a number of challenges are unsolved these includes poor sanitation, diseases, gender discrimination and challenges for education. Another major issue is the inequality in wealth distribution in around the globe. It has led to a massive social upheaval.

What Should We Do:

None of these is an easy problem to address or find a solution for but there is a constant improvement in sorting these issues as a result of which the poverty is reducing every year.the disease are also managed now with a better control.  It is expected that with continuous efforts the global community will find better results. Further steps are taken to educate more and more population of the world, as it will deal with the eradication of poverty.

Technology in Eradicating Poverty:

An important point to keep in mind is that these opportunities and challenges demand sudden actions. In the technological world of today, many movements from social activist are supported by the technologies and are grounded for any particular cause or movement.

We are living in worlds where any issues in one part of the world are surely having an impact on the life of an ordinary person living in any other part of the world. The political social and economic systems we own now, are directly linked up and having an impact on each other. To be socially active, you need to be special energetic and ambitious and to boost any key movement you need to join hands with others.

Researches and survey have shown that the entire world’s leading activist movement or a movement for any cause is using the support of technology especially social media to deliver their message. No matter if, it is about any epidemic or about the demolition of poverty from any specific region of the world. The social media is one of the major supports to deliver the message of these movements.

 Being an essential part of the life of a common person today, it is having a huge impact on the minds, activities, and perceptions of the people. Any message delivered through this medium is found to be having a huge impact on the people. However, the impact does not seem to last long. In addition, to deal with the issue there are systematic and well-planned modules that are used for delivery of any message.

 Poverty and education, being interlinked with each other, need to be addressed through this platform. Expected is that these efforts will help to eradicate the issues like lack of education, poverty, and issues associated with it.

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