Dilawar’s vision is now restored

Dilawar’s vision is now restored

Dilawar Khalid

Dilawar Khalid's Story

Dilawar Khalid, a four year old boy from Multan met with an accident. As a result he injured his left eye. The tragedy caused Dilawar to partially lose his vision. He had also been enduring immense pain and discomfort. After consultation, Dilawar was diagnosed with left eye Cataract and was advised to get Left Phacoemulsification and IOL placement. For this purpose, Dilawar was admitted to Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Trust on 31-08-21. After a successful operation performed by Dr. Asif Manzoor was kept under observation and was discharged after four days of hospital stay. Dilawar hopes to see clearly now.

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