Thank you Donor for your Generosity

Thank you Donor for your Generosity

To all the kind people who reach out with their support and generosity; who spread the word and awareness by partnering with Transparent Hands, to help give a second chance to those who need, we thank you…

Success stories of some patients:

Thank you, Dear Donor, from ASIF ALI, a child who has been granted a new lease on life. Now there is a spring in my step and a hope in my heart, that I too finally will be able to lead the life of a normal 11-year old boy. After the ventricle surgery, my heart too beats in rhythm, giving me the ability to help my siblings and my father around our rural farm. Your generosity has given me a chance to pursue my studies along with my brothers and sisters, and I can dream big for myself.

Thank you, Dear Donor, from ABDUL GHAFFAR. I was only 12-year old resigned to a life of convalescence as my heart had enlarged beyond its capacity due to a right ventricular obstruction. However, it is your large-heartedness that has given me a chance to enjoy the innocence and joyfulness of youth. I thank you for helping me overcome this obstacle through your generosity.

Thank you, Dear Donor, from IJAZ HUSSAIN. I have never shirked from hard work. Since our father died, I have worked tirelessly to support my family. But my work and health suffered. Through your generosity, after the kidney stone removal surgery, I can be the man that supports my sisters and brothers proudly. I am pain-free and can look at my family members with confidence in the knowledge that I am doing my best.

Thank you, Dear Donor, from ZARI ALLAHRAKHA. I am an eight-year-old with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. I had no words or voice to express my need. But after my adenoids and tonsils surgery, I can use my own voice to thank you for your support. I have resumed my school and am full of confidence and hope that I too can achieve greatness.

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