Thanksgiving Donations Can Support in the Surgery of Poor Patients

Thanksgiving Donations Can Support in the Surgery of Poor Patients

Thanksgiving Donations Can Support in the Surgery of Poor Patients

We know humanity has failed when people are being deprived of their fundamental rights like access to food, shelter or healthcare all over the world. We see humanity to fail, when a person dies in a terrible health condition without proper treatment or surgery. We  know we have failed our humanity when innocent children die due to severe malnourishment, while their mother or father grieve helplessly and mourn on their deaths.Thanksgiving Donations Can Support in the Surgery of Poor Patients

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We can observe our deceasing humanity ,when a doctor or hospitals deny treatment or life-saving surgeries to poor patients because they don’t have the wealth to pay. We can see we have lost our humanity when healthcare is treated as a commodity, and millions of immature deaths occur because of our disrespect to human lives.

Millions of people all around the world lack stable incomes, therefore, cannot afford expensive treatment in private hospitals. The poor and low-income families avoid going to the doctors, even in serious illness because they do not have the ability to pay. Around 20,000 to 45,000 American citizens and illegal immigrants die every year due to lack of accessible healthcare. Of course, we don’t need statistics to understand this fact. It is the grim picture of today’s world we inhabit.

We cannot let innocent people die without proper healthcare or treatment, just because they do not have the ability to pay.  The poor families are already hustling to make their ends meet. Their everyday hustle can seem less challenging if we stretch out our hands to help.

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Spirit of Thanksgiving:

The real spirit of Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for one’s life, at the same time, showing respect to other human lives. Thanksgiving is not a mere holiday or a  festival, but a day celebrated to show gratitude for one’s good fortune while understanding the pain of the less fortunate.

It is the day when we should involve our whole family, friends and relatives for volunteering, donating, and spreading kindness. Your monetary donations may not mean a lot to you, but your money can help a patient to get proper healthcare or surgery due to your generous effort. Your contribution may seem too negligible to you but to someone else, it is the second chance of survival. Your monetary donation —whether it is big or small will be welcomed gratefully.

Thanksgiving Donations and NGOs:

Giving back to retain our humanity and uplift human lives can be as simple as making a monetary donation to a medical trust and NGOs, working hard to mend our discriminating healthcare system.

Nongovernmental organizations operate independently to address various healthcare problems, in order to bring change and improvement in our society. NGOs are providing medical and dental care, as well as humanitarian aid to the needy people all around the world. These NGOs are working in the USA and worldwide to provide free treatment to the poor people at their doorsteps. They run fundraising campaigns on behalf of these families, to collect the required money to pay for their diagnosis, lab tests, surgeries, hospital bills, medicines and other facilities.

If you have the ability to contribute give some funds to a nonprofit organization doing serious work to save innocent lives. If you find your charitable deeds exciting do not keep it to yourself. Share the story of your charitable deeds with your family and friends and encourage them to do the same.  

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Your  Thanksgiving donations can help to cure major illness, and help to relieve the pain of surgery patients. Your donation on this festive occasion can give hope to someone’s life and give them one more chance to live. Your Thanksgiving donation can help health workers, surgeons, specialists, dentists, social workers to volunteer their expertise and reach out to people in pain.

To make a monetary donation we do not need to be a millionaire. We just need a kind heart filled with love and respect, for human lives to perform greater deeds unconditionally. Thanksgiving occasion is all about how we use our blessings and goodness for the welfare of our society and people.  

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