The Importance of Sadaqah in Relation to Coronavirus

The Importance of Sadaqah in Relation to Coronavirus

The Importance of Sadaqah in Relation to Coronavirus


You might be familiar with the ritual of Zakat, the act of charity that is obligatory for Muslims. But will it surprise you very much that it is not the only way Muslims make donations? One of the most popular acts of charity is Sadaqah, the topic of today’s discussion. This voluntary charity has assumed a significant role in the current context. With people suffering all across the world, governments need their people’s backing. And Muslims all across the globe are rising to the cause most magnificently. what is the importance of Sadaqah in relation to coronavirus?

In this discussion, we will focus on Sadaqah, its types, and most importantly the impact it can have. We are passing through one of the toughest crises humanity has faced in a long time. Noble acts like Sadaqah can surely be the silver lining in these dark times.


Simply put, Sadaqah is the voluntary act of giving charity or alms. But that is just the most commonly understood definition. Wealth is only one of the ways you can give Sadaqah. The main idea behind Sadaqah is to give without seeking something in return, with the intention only to please Allah (SWT).

One of the sincerest acts, Sadaqah has a lot of importance in Muslim culture. Not only it serves as a source of the purification of the soul, but it also helps those in dire need.

Sadaqah in Islam

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Charity extinguishes sins just as water extinguishes fire”   Tirmidhi

You can see why Sadqah is so important to Muslims, don’t you? This act of compassion can simply make up for any shortcomings that you might have. Many Quranic injunctions make it clear that voluntary charity is one of the things that Muslims should adopt as a habit. Wealthy Muslims followed these instructions and supported their underprivileged brothers in the early times of Islam.

Sadaqah hadith

The importance of Sadaqah also becomes clear from a saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Narrated by Abu Huraira (RA), the Prophet (PBUH) said:

When a man dies, his acts come to an end, but three, recurring charity or knowledge (by which people) benefit, or a pious son, who prays for him (for the deceased). (Sahih Muslim)

Types of Sadaqah

Like mentioned before, wealth is not the only way to make a Sadaqah. There are so many other ways to do so. Some of the ways you could make a Sadaqah include:

1- Dua: Making prayers for those who are suffering, for example, the current coronavirus pandemic patients, is also a Sadaqah.

2- Knowledge: If you know something, which can prove beneficial for others, do disseminate it. For example, how about educating the uneducated about the current pandemic? Teach people all about preventive measures as a Sadaqah.

3- Smile: We are all suffering in the current crisis. You might be amazed by the wonders of a simple smile. Do smile and spread some joy, humanity needs that badly!

4- Forgive: Let the bygones be bygones. The fickle nature of life suggests that forgiving each other is the way to spend the remainder of the days we have left here.

5- Help: This can be done in several ways but the idea is pretty simple: Reach out to those who need you.

Who is eligible for Sadaqah?

For the financial Sadaqah, there are eight categories of the entitled ones. The importance of Sadaqah in relation to coronavirus is defined here. These categories have been mentioned in the Holy Quran. According to the Quran, these categories include:

1- The poor

2- The needy

3- Zakat Administrators

4- New Muslims

5- Freeing slaves and captives.

6- Those overburdened with debt

7- For spreading Islam’s message.

8- Wayfarers without money.

What is Sadaqah-e-Jariya: The Importance of Sadaqah in Relation to Coronavirus

This is the ongoing charity. It will continue to benefit others, even after one passes away. For the life hereafter, Sadaqah-e-Jariya is a great preparatory. You can contribute to the construction of a mosque, install a water tap for public use, donate to a hospital, so on and so forth.

Zakat and Sadaqah

It is important to highlight the basic difference between Zakat and Sadaqah at this point. While Sadaqah can be given at any time in any amount to anyone in need of help, the same is not the case with Zakat. Zakat is 2.5 percent of your annual savings, which can be given to only a specific group of people.

Sadaqah online

The greatest gift of the internet is the ease with which you can connect to the global community. You can make a Sadaqah online as well, via online charity platforms. One such trustworthy platform is Transparent Hands.

Transparent Hands is the largest technological platform for crowdfunding in the healthcare sector of Pakistan. It offers a complete range of free healthcare services including medical and surgical treatments, medical camps and telehealth facilities to the underprivileged community of Pakistan.

Donors from all over the world can use the Transparent Hands crowdfunding web portal and donate through 100% secure payment modes. They could select any patient, fund the treatment and receive regular feedback and updates until the patient has recovered completely.


Those who constantly make Sadaqah are not losing anything. Rather, they are rewarded in a greater manner by Allah (SWT). Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity of making your life more blessed. Make more Sadqah regularly for a blessed life.

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