Top 10 Community Service Non-Profits in Pakistan

Top 10 Community Service Non-Profits in Pakistan

Non-Profits in Pakistan


Before we jump into the details of non-profits working in Pakistan, it is important to define what community service is all about. Stating the obvious, it is a non-paying job performed by one person or a group of persons for the benefit of their community. Community service, when viewed in a broader aspect, is one of the greatest ways of helping those who live anywhere in the world. It does not matter if the community service is conducted through a basic medium such as a school or college, or through NGOs, the purpose served is the same. Now, let us talk about the top 10 community service non-profits in Pakistan. These organizations have been instrumental in reaching out to those who need our help, and their good work must be praised through at least words, if not more.

 1- Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is all about raising funds for those, who cannot afford expensively or in some cases, even the most basic medical facilities. The platform raises funds through crowdfunding, this nonprofit is the biggest crowdfunding platform in the country. The platform provides quality nonprofit services in Pakistan and ensures transparency in all of its matters. The awards won by the NGO speak for its brilliant work, all across Pakistan.

2- Chhipa Welfare Association

This is a welfare organization whose span of activities is not limited to just one city but is operational all across Pakistan. Despite having its headquarters in the city of lights, Karachi, Chhipa Welfare Association manages to offer top-notch nonprofit services all across the country.

3- Shahid Afridi Foundation

Just like he dominated the fields of cricket, Shahid Afridi’s foundation has started to dominate the community service work in the country. Whether it was the foundation’s role during the COVID-19 pandemic or its state of the art hospital that has cured many sick ones, the foundation has made a name for itself for the tremendous work it did in the field of social welfare.

4- Edhi Foundation

Every service that this foundation provides is free of cost and oozes of nothing but excellence and professionalism. The foundation runs one of the biggest ambulance services, not just in Pakistan, but in the entire world. It is just one call away from reaching anyone who needs emergency healthcare services. Not only that, but the foundation is also focused on helping the abandoned kids, as well as those who were orphaned at a very young age. Technical skill centres run by the foundation are helping widows and jobless youth in a most admirable manner.

5- Aurat Foundation

Without recognition, life becomes pretty meaningless, doesn’t it? The Aurat foundation believes that men and women must have equal recognition in the country, for which it strives hard. The foundation’s work for the betterment of women in the country is truly remarkable.

6- Al-Khidmat Foundation

Hunger & poverty are the biggest curses of society such as ours, and the Al-Khidmat foundation agrees with our thinking. It strives hard to alleviate the sufferings of the underprivileged ones in society. No better community service than making sure no one sleeps hungry, don’t you agree?

7- Darul Sukun

For those who are mentally upset because of the tragic nature of life, there is no place better than the peaceful home, or Darul Sukun, as they say.

8- Ansar Burney Trust International

Every day, we read stories about the abuse of civil rights in this country, starting from child labor and stopping at cruelty to women and in some instances, even going beyond that. The question is, who defends the abused ones? The answer is Ansar Burney Trust International.

9- Minhaj Welfare Foundation

This foundation deserves all the applause in the world for its commendable work, not just in Pakistan, but worldwide as well. Certainly, a role model to follow, when it comes to providing nonprofit services in Pakistan.

10- Agha Khan Foundation

This foundation provides its services, not just in Pakistan, but in certain other underdeveloped countries of the world as well. The philosophy in which this foundation believes is simple to understand. The foundation believes that those who live in the countryside face more problems, as compared to other citizens of the country. Hence, it tries to reach out to rural families, listen to their problems, and find solutions for them.


Well, that will be all for now. There are many more non-profits in Pakistan like the ones we have discussed, which are playing their role effectively by serving the community. The culture of nonprofit service in Pakistan needs to be encouraged. Only then, we can hope for better burden management by the government.

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