Top 3 Charity Donor Showbiz Celebrities

Top 3 Charity Donor Showbiz Celebrities

In the most general context, what we assume about celebrities is that they are kinds rich and tend to spend their earning on buying themselves expensive stuff including vehicles, beach houses, designers wear, and other stuff that can make them live a luxury life.  However, we don’t actually know about these celebrities. There are many who really go out of their comfort zone to help others and on records, there are many who are found to be donating a large sum of amount for charity and other welfare activities. Below we have enlisted the top three of the most donating celebrities from around the globe. Top 3 Charity Donor Showbiz Celebrities.


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Top 3 Charity Donor Showbiz Celebrities

No. 3- George Lucas:

He is a writer, a director, and a topmost movie producer and has donated more than 4,250,000 dollars to the George Lucas Educational Foundation and Lucas Film Foundation with an aim to inspire and give power, ability, and skills to young people to become a compassionate leader, a responsible citizen and to be able to live their dream.

No. 2- Kanye West:

World Known and Grammy Award Winner artist and producer Kanye West have established himself as a premier artist in the media industry, but besides dealing with the microphone and camera you can find him advocating against poverty, poor education, and hunger. He runs his own foundation that helps to deal with the reduction of dropouts in high schools. He also donated to causes like Red Cross, cancer, and many others.

No. 1- Taylor Swift:

Not sure if everyone likes her music or not, but her generosity should be respected as she is in the top section of the list of top donating celebrities.  She has donated a large amount of money to different donations and different causes.  She never says a No to charity. She is also a person who spends a lot of her time with the victimized people and helps them with her money.

These are some of the celebrities that are not known for their generosity, but on the records are donating a large amount of money to the needy around them. Apart from them, many other celebrities like Angelina Jolie are known as the most donating personalities. Angelina Jolie is the UNHCR Special Envoy who has joined a number of causes, including campaigning against the use of rape as a weapon of war.

To know more about who is top of the list to deal with the charitable activities and helping others part from entertaining you through different mediums, you can look into our latest provided interesting information. There are many organizations like Transparent Hands that are operating in Pakistan and are looking for your support to help the needy in their tough time. If you are looking to be a part of these activities and help others live a better life, you can visit to know more about the organization and speak directly with their professionals.


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