Top 4 Philanthropists Who Gave Billions in Charity

Top 4 Philanthropists Who Gave Billions in Charity

Top 4 philanthropists who gave billions in Charity

“No man can become rich without enriching others- A man who dies rich, dies disgraced”- Andrew Carnegie Top 4 Philanthropists Who Gave Billions in Charity.

This statement of the pioneer philanthropist has led to setting new goals for the wealthiest people and has inspired them to serve with all what they have for thousands of causes

Scores of the world’s wealthiest people have taken to his philosophy, donating their riches to hundreds of causes. There are a number of researches and valuations performed to analyze the individually donated amount around the globe. To donate a lot, you need to have a lot of money. For this reason these valuations are based on the net worth of these individuals with ratio of their life time donations.

Here we will give a look on some of the top most philanthropists that are mostly appreciated and are top on the list, based on the net donated amount by them.

Bill Gates:

This is a name not unknown to any. In the technological world of today, bill gates has played a major contribution in where we are standing today. Apart from his brilliant mind and an inspiring personality, there is much more about him that is not known to the world. According to the evaluations, the life time donations by Bill Gates are about 27 billion dollars with a net worth of 84.2 billion dollars. While on the generosity index he is rated at 32% making him the top most philanthropists of the world.


Known as the co-founder of Microsoft, he is now more focused on making this world a better place for the one who are in need of help from the wealthy. He is running “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” with his wife. This foundation focuses on providing grants for programs around the world that majorly focus on the issues like health and global education, urban poverty, global libraries, emergency relief and agricultural development etc. Since its foundation, the organization has donated millions to a number of other non-profit organizations that are working on differentprojects for these social causes.

Warren Buffett:

With the lifetime donation of worth 21.5 billion dollars and the net worth of 61 billion dollars, the personality comes to the generosity index of 35%. Warren Buffett is the CEO and chairperson of Berkshire Hathaway and is known as one of the wealthiest persona in the world and so do the most charity donating personality, globally. Back in 2006, he donated a whole of 85% of his entire wealth to a number of foundations for different causes.

George Soros:

Retired founder of the Soros Funds Management, George Soros has the lifetime donations of worth 8 billion dollars with the net worth of 24.4 billion dollars. He stands on the generosity index with 33% and is currently serving as the chairperson of Open Society Foundation. This is a network of foundation there are established back in 1979 with the purpose to donate to  various different causes, social services, education, health and community development etc. This society is well known for working on the human rights.

Azim Premji:

With the lifetime donations of about 8 billion dollars, the personae are serving as the chairperson of an Indian IT company. He owns a net worth of 15.9 billion dollar and stand on the generosity index with 50%.  He is also the founder of the Azim Premji Trust Foundation that focuses on the educational system in India. It had worked on many projects with an aim to promote educational standards with higher and most advanced technology.

Apart from these top most philanthropists, there are many others in the world who have donated large sum of their wealth to the social causes in different scenarios. If you are willing to take first step in helping others by donating, you can join hands with

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