Transparent Hands: Moulding a Disease Free Future for the Impoverished.

Transparent Hands: Moulding a Disease Free Future for the Impoverished.

Transparent Hands

A child with a congenital heart defect. A woman uncertain about the safe delivery of her baby. An old man losing his eyesight. What do these people have in common? Pain & fear of the future. There are millions in this society, who wake up every day and search for tiny shreds of hope, some support that can help them fight the challenges that are too daunting for them. And one center of hope that many have started to look up to in recent times is Transparent Hands.

Working Philosophy 

Some dreams, if come true, can change millions of lives than just one. If you are raking your minds for an example, look no further than Transparent Hands, the brainchild of Rameeza Mueen. The painful observations which Rameeza, CEO & co-founder of Transparent Hands, made during voyages with her mother transformed into a burning passion. The passion of helping those who weren’t spotted by the existing healthcare infrastructure! Those who couldn’t afford even the most basic health amenities, let alone expensive surgeries & procedures. This passion materialized in form of Transparent Hands, an organization that is always looking to comfort those who cannot get their treatment because of a lack of adequate funds. With her brother’s help, Rameeza Mueen was able to establish a platform for poor but courageous patients who are battling against life, hoping that help will come one day! 

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Charity was never this easy! 

Before we talk about the impact that Transparent Hands has managed to create ever since its inception, let us briefly explain how the NGO has managed to simplify the process of charity. Think of this section as a guide, if you are thinking about donating via Transparent Hands! Once you are on the Transparent Hands webpage, the first thing that you need to do is browse through the campaigns section. Next, select a campaign that appeals to you the most. Then, donate using any of the payment methods that you find suitable. Your donation will enable the organization to provide medical or surgical treatment to the patient. The fact that donors are kept in the loop, and sent feedback on the campaign they selected, adds a lot of credence to the whole process.

Users can access the crowdfunding portal via desktop or smartphone applications, both. It is worth mentioning here that any donations made by donors are exempt from tax, under FBR act 2(36). There are no hidden fees or transaction charges either. Apart from donating for the patients who require financial assistance, you can also donate for special causes & campaigns, which we will talk about a bit later in this discussion as well.

It makes sense to support Transparent Hands! 

The fact that the NGO strives hard to ensure one hundred percent transparency in all of its dealings is only one of the many reasons donating via Transparent Hands is the best decision you can make. The organization runs zakat eligible campaigns as well, which is great news for anyone who wants to donate zakat online. What is more, you can calculate zakat via the zakat calculator tool, available free of cost on the NGO’s webpage. Again, you can access it via your smartphone as well. If you need any kind of assistance during the donation process, you can contact the NGO’s support team as well. Help is available 24/7!

If a particular campaign appeals to your heart, you can share it in your social media circle by clicking on just a few buttons. Sort of viral stuff humanity could do with! The impact of sharing is underrated, putting things mildly. More social reach means more probable donors for a particular cause. Availability of more than one payment route simplifies the transaction process hugely. You can donate to a particular campaign or cause using your credit card, ATM card, PayPal, Stripe or you can simply opt for the online bank transfer. All routes lead to one destination i.e. humanity! 

A bit about surgeries & procedures 

In this section of the discussion, we are going to mention the treatments which Transparent Hands facilitates and supports. Some of the common surgical procedures funded by the NGO include cardiothoracic, pediatric, oncologic, urologic, orthopaedic, neurologic, obstetric, and general surgeries. Apart from these, the organization also financially assists ENT and plastic surgeries. The underprivileged members of the society cannot afford these expensive surgical interventions on their own. Hence, with your valuable help, Transparent Hands supports those in distress in troubled times.

Other than the surgical procedures, patients who cannot afford certain medical procedures can also seek help from Transparent Hands. Some of these medical procedures include angiography, angioplasty, prosthetic rehabilitation, CT scan, MRI, cystoscopy, endoscopy, biopsy, lithotripsy, CT KUB, colonoscopy, and chemotherapy. Pregnant women who have advised a C-section for a safe and complication-free delivery are also welcome at Transparent Hands. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of surgeries and treatments supported by the organization. You can find out more at the Transparent Hands website, or on the smartphone application.

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Numbers that matter

Let us back up what we have told you so far with some numbers. Explaining achievements and targets met statistically is likely to help you gauge the impact of the organization better. The six-year-old NGO has successfully funded 1300 plus surgeries and medical procedures so far. Since its inception, a total of 71 free medical camps have been organized by the NGO, in which more than 23 thousand patients received treatment. To this date, more than 217 million rupees have been spent in taking care of those who need financial assistance for various medical facilities and treatments. None of this would have been possible, had it not been for the NGO’s valuable donor sponsors. Donors & sponsors who chip in with all their hearts are the reason why Transparent Hands is Pakistan’s biggest crowdfunding platform today. Almost 2000 supporting donor sponsors have made the NGO what it is today. Their contribution means much more than just money, it provided thousands with a second chance at life. The organization is indebted to these wonderful people forever!

The battle is far from over though. Scars left by the COVID-19 pandemic will take some time to heal. Some people are still hurting from the after-effects of the pandemic. Transparent Hands vows to reach out to these people, and assist and support them in their health-related problems and treatments.

They are happy now!  

In this section, we share the success stories, the feedback of patients who defeated their illness and sickness, with help of Transparent Hands. Listen from Uzma Usman first, who delivered her baby girl on 17th December 2020 via an LSC-section:

“Just when it looked like as if all hope was lost, Transparent Hands provided the shoulder that supported me through one of the toughest phases of my life. I was uncertain about the future, a scared girl in her early twenties who worried about her would-be-born baby girl all the time. But then things happened in a miraculously smooth manner, thanks to the donors who contributed to my campaign on Transparent Hands”

Sakeena Wali has happy news to share as well:

“On third of December last year, I gave birth to my precious little daughter. At one point, it looked as if things will never come to a point where affording a LSCS would be possible for me. But then the miracle of Transparent Hands happened, and well, I & my little one couldn’t be more grateful to the donors and the platform for making my LSCS possible!

Javed Khan, a 30-year-old tonsillitis patient had his tonsillectomy on the 2nd of December, 2020. He expresses his relief in the following words:

“I am not sure if many of you can relate with the constricted feeling that I had to live with, but it doesn’t matter now. Your donations & the wonderful people at Transparent Hands have made it go away, for which I express gratitude from the bottom of my heart”

Angel Azalfa Batool’s eyesight has improved as well, ever since she had her cataract surgery on 15th December 2020. The eight-year-old expresses her excitement on being able to see things lucidly once more in the following words:

“I can play hide and seek once more with my friends, thanks to the nice people who helped me, and thanks to Transparent Hands for bringing my case to everyone’s attention. I am happy that the fog which threatened my vision is gone forever”

Learn with Transparent Hands!

The general impression associated with charity organizations is that their role is limited to providing financial assistance to those who need it. However, Transparent Hands has dispelled that notion by publishing blogs related to healthcare and subtopics regularly. This is extremely helpful for the donors who want to know more about the disorder and the treatment they are funding. Not only healthcare, but articles discussing various concepts r& ideas related to charity are also published regularly. For example, we all know that zakat is an obligation that involves many nitty-gritties, and every Muslim is not familiar with all of these finer points. On the Transparent Hands website, there is a section dedicated to zakat calculations, which the users can consult when calculating their annual zakat. This is just one example, a variety of topics related to an Islamic charity, and charity in general, are discussed in the blogs section of the website.

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COVID-19 & Transparent Hands 

The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call for everyone, with regards to the level of preparedness that was required to fight the pandemic. One of the biggest challenges during the first wave was the lack of PPE for the healthcare workers. Transparent Hands realizes that the threat of coronavirus is far from over, which calls for better preparation the second time around. Therefore, the NGO has launched a campaign that focuses on collecting funds for purchasing PPE for front-line workers in the country. The least we could do honour those who are sacrificing their today for our tomorrow! 

Laurels & Honors 

Serving humanity doesn’t need any medals for recognition. But there is no harm in sharing your achievements! Transparent Hands has an illustrious record in this regard. Rameeza Mueen, CEO of the foundation, was awarded Tamgha e Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan, in the year 2018. She was bestowed with the prestigious award for her above reproach services in the healthcare sector of the country. Tamgha-e-Imtiaz is not the only achievement in Rameeza’s illustrious career. She also won the Laurels of Honour Award in the year 2018, awarded to her by WCCI. The list is too long to discuss all the medals in the trophy room of the NGO, but it has certainly earned a huge amount of respect, thanks to its transparency and commitment to the cause. Recently, the organization’s work has been highlighted in the most notable newspaper of the country as well.

The Sky is the limit! 

Some of you must be pondering about what’s in store for the future, with regards to the organization’s work. Well, the spirit of striving for the welfare of the underprivileged is never going to diminish, you can take that from us! But again, things would be much more comprehensible for you, if we statistically present our future goals. For the year 2021, the organization aims to support and fund a minimum of 1100 surgeries, at least. You will be pleased to know that 54 surgeries have been accomplished, already. Apart from raising funds for the patients who need immediate assistance, the NGO also plans on arranging and conducting a minimum of 60 free medical camps across the country.

Transparent Hands is aware of the developments that are revolutionizing the healthcare structure. One remarkable innovation that has changed the landscape of healthcare setup in first-world countries is telehealth. Simply defined, it is the use of digital technologies to deliver medical care, health education, and public health services by connecting multiple users in separate locations. Keeping the plight of healthcare infrastructure in Pakistan in mind, Transparent Hands believes that telehealth has the potential to sort most of the existing issues in the country’s healthcare setup. Hence, the NGO has decided to set up telehealth facilities in certain villages in Punjab. For that purpose, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched as well. Initially, the goal is set at treating at least 160 patients within the first twelve months. And that’s a start! You can expect more great things happening at Pakistan’s number one crowdfunding platform in the future as well!

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