What Charity Should I Donate To?

What Charity Should I Donate To?

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

― Winston S. Churchill

There are thousands of NGOS in almost every country developed or not, striving hard to change the lives of underprivileged people in many ways. They put ample amount in promoting their cause so more and more people are aware and donate accordingly. Where there are millions of people intending to donate, the question arises, who should they donate to? People want to contribute while ensuring their money is being spent effectively on the needy people. While there are many NGOs and charity organizations, it is a tough job to decide which one is legit and reliable.

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Do you want to make a difference in someone’s life and looking for a platform to do so? Then consider these points and decide wisely What Charity Should I Donate To?

  • Do they deserve donations?

The most important factor in deciding whom you want to donate is to see whether that NGO deserves your charity or not. This could be done by checking the details of the NGO; their vision, mission, work procedure, platform for donating etc. It will make it easier for you to make a decision to donate if you know how actively organization is working to achieve its cause.

  • Do they provide Transparency?

The importance of transparency has increased over last few years. The NGOs are formed to serve a social cause rather than making profits for the owners. This put a lot of pressure on the social work organizations to maintain the same level of accountability and transparency as the private organizations. Therefore, the donor can look up the organization’s website and check what level of transparency they have demonstrated. For example, if an NGO conducts surgeries of poor people free of cost and ask you to donate; you can check if they are putting up all the documents of that patient on their web portal such as hospital bills.

  • Their Social Interaction

Social interaction through social media platforms is also an important factor for every non-profit organization. If you wish to donate, you must check on that specific NGO’s website and social media pages; how they are engaging with their donors, supporters and other people. That will help you see how many people are trusting and supporting this organization. It will make your decision to donate to them much easier. 

  • Their Team Credibility

Team efforts play an important role in the progress of any organization. In order to decide who should you donate to, you must clearly see their team members; how many people? What is their job? How experienced they are? Volunteer work can also create a big impact as it will show that how people are willingly doing volunteer work and trusting that organization to support the cause.             

  • Testimonials / Success stories

Whenever you want to buy any product, the first thing you do is read its reviews. Likewise, when you wish to donate to any charity organization, you should read how donors/victims have been saying about it in past. Are there any proof/success stories of cases facilitated by that NGO? Are there any comments made by donors? If yes, that will make you understand better that the organization is delivering its services in a right way and you can donate to them without any hesitation.

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