Where to Donate in Canada?

Where to Donate in Canada?

Where to Donate in Canada?


Be kind today and save a life tomorrow. Sounds cliché, no? Yet, you will be amazed how this little sentence is influencing humanity, even in the 21st century, where robots have taken over humans. The tradition of saving something from your money, for those who need it, is a noble one. However, the intention of helping the poor is not all that matters. You need to be aware of the ways in which you can donate. There are ways of donating to the places you might not have heard of, especially if you are new in the land of Canada. Organizations where to donate in Canada in 2020. Caught the giving bug but cannot decide which place deserves your donation the most? That is easily remedied. In this discussion, we concern ourselves with most credible institutes, to which you can make a donation.

Monetary donation

First, let us have a look at some places that are happy to accept your monetary donation. There are many organizations operational in Canada, which make the best use of donations collected. These charities help the underprivileged class of society, using funds they raise. The target audience of these charity organizations is both local, as well as international. Some of these reputable charities include:

1- Canadian Red Cross

2- Food Banks Canada

3- CanadaHelps

4- United Way Centraide Canada

5- The Salvation Army in Canada

All these charities and a few more like these try to take care of suffering individuals from different communities, all across Canada.

Food donation

You could give food, or you could donate money to the food banks. Either way, you help the hungry. There is nothing more tragic than a person not getting enough to eat, or worse, not getting anything at all. Food donation is a concept that has made sure no Canadian goes to the bed, on an empty stomach. Just like the charity organizations that are dedicated to social work, food banks, or food charities also play their part in helping the poor. Following are some such organizations, to which you can donate:

1- Food Banks Canada

2- Ottawa Food Bank

3- Daily Bread Food Bank

4- Second Harvest

5- Feed Nova Scotia

Donation for kids

Although there are, many institutes that are taking care of vulnerable children, some are solely dedicated to the cause. The insecurities of children are very different from the adult ones. Some need food, some need clothes, some need education and some are just deprived of love and affection. Think about all these, and see if you can make a donation, to alleviate the sufferings of these little angels. The following list of institutes can help you in this cause:


2- Canadian Centre for Child Protection

3- SOS Children Village

4- Canadian Feed the Children

5- Breakfast Club of Canada

Other forms of donation

This is hardly it. There are many credible, noble institutes in Canada. They are doing their best to help those who are suffering. Oh, and these are only some of the ways in which they are helping humanity. You can donate many other ways. What about donating blood to those who need it? You might want to consult the Canadian Blood Services for this purpose. Senior citizen support programs are also a good place to make a donation. Meals on Wheels and HelpAge Canada are great places to consider. The list can go on and on.

Significance of donation

Charity is a great way to share the burden, with the government. One cannot expect that a single administration can take care of every individual in the country. Your help counts. Consider the example of coronavirus pandemic. Food provisions, PPEs and so much more have been donated all across the world, more than what the governments have been able to provide under the mounting pressure. It becomes even more important that you donate well during this time of crisis.


top charities where to donate in Canada. We know it is about time we bid you farewell. Hopefully, you learned something, Where to Donate in Canada? if not everything, from this discussion. Your donation can feed a kid, help a person who lost his job, or even save someone’s life. Therefore, it is crucial that you make your donation to the right cause, at the right time!

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