Why the USA Has the Most Coronavirus Cases

Why the USA Has the Most Coronavirus Cases

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China, Italy and now the USA. The coronavirus has found a new host, this time in the USA. The alarming numbers that are coming out of the states are simply horrifying. America’s capacity to fight against the virus was always going to be tested. However, with all the state-of-the-art hospitals and healthcare facilities, one hoped that the Americans would do well under the pressure. However, so far, the country has succumbed to the pathogen, just like any other pandemic stricken country in the world. The gravity of the issue demands a serious debate as to why the USA has the most coronavirus cases in the world.

Latest coronavirus updates from the USA

As of 8 April 2020, the number of positive cases in 56 tracked states of the USA has soared to 423,164. Of course, these figures are changing every minute. The death toll has touched the threatening number of 15,000. The soaring number of coronavirus positive patients raises serious questions about the future. It is quite apparent that these numbers are likely to increase in the upcoming days. All USA states have a huge number of these patients, who might have transmitted or spread this virus unknowingly, at some point in the course of their medical history.

The emerging coronavirus hotspots in the USA

In the search of the root cause for most coronavirus cases in the USA, we came across a unique COVID-19 pattern. It is not settling in one place in the USA. Rather, the virus keeps on popping up in different areas. Despite popping up in unknown areas, the case rates for emerging USA hotspots are still alarming. New York and Florida were the first areas to be severely affected by the pandemic. However, alarm bells started to ring the moment cases emerged in Louisiana, Michigan, and Illinois. As of now, many of the counties in the USA are reporting COVID-19 cases daily, at a rather alarming rate.

Social distancing not as strict as other countries-100 words

Another reason for this high percentage of the cases in the USA is the ineffective lockdown. Social distancing is the prime weapon that can help any country win this war against coronavirus pandemic. However, because of the confusion at the top administrative level, an effective lockdown was not in place at the beginning. Apart from that, the country is in dire need of more quarantine centers. When compared with China or Italy, the number of isolation centers is simply not enough. At this stage of the pandemic, we all know how important it is to isolate the infected patients. It helps in slowing down the transmission, quite effectively.

Trump’s strategy to counter coronavirus pandemic-100 words

A pandemic of this nature needed decisive leadership at the helm. However, the way Trump administration has responded to this pandemic so far, suggests otherwise. From a delayed call on the lockdowns to the dissemination of the hopeful deceptions from the White House, it has been nothing short of a fiasco. America’s 160,000 ventilators are also proving to be far from adequate in this time of crisis. To cap it all, FDA and Trump do not seem to be on one page, as far as the matter of Hydroxychloroquine is concerned. We pray for the drug to be as efficient against the coronavirus as it is against Malaria. However, making broad over-generalization without any validation from clinical trials is quite absurd at this stage.

Obamacare once more in the spotlight-100 words

Amid this entire crisis, President Trump has decided not to relent on the matter of Obamacare. Despite the popular demand backed by health insurance companies and democratic lawmakers, White House has refused to respond. Despite Trump’s remarks about opening the exchanges last month, millions of uninsured Americans still await a decisive word on the subject from Donald Trump. NBC News reported that Trump had considered a special enrollment period and last month told reporters it is something we are talking to many people about.


The novel coronavirus pandemic is shaping up to be one of the worst challenges humanity has faced ever. The USA’s response in this fight against the COVID-19 is of critical importance. It will help other countries of the world to follow a pattern to defeat the invisible enemy. However, for that to happen, the USA has to come good first!

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