World After Coronavirus

World After Coronavirus

World After Coronavirus


The novel coronavirus has proved to be a challenge that has defeated humans in a most superior fashion. Apart from one or two countries, which are close to eliminating the virus after suffering a lot, no one seems to have a clue. Whether it is testing, vaccine development, or providing provisions to those who are suffering, the challenge simply seems to be too enormous for human capacity and intelligence. While the global lockdown continues, the world’s future is being shaped in this period of quarantine. An unprecedented shift in the global economic, political, and social structure is expected. In this discussion, we are going to gaze into the orb of the world after coronavirus. We do not need crystal balls; accurate interpretation of pandemic consequences ought to be enough!  

A less prosperous world

This is going to be one of the identifying features of the world after coronavirus. Of course, with global markets being shut down for a long period, there is no argument about the fact that a major economic recession will hit the world. However, we are not talking about the economic aspect of things only. In political terms, some governments have enjoyed imposing draconian lockdowns and strict curfews. However, such policies can hardly continue in the world after coronavirus. If anything, freedom will be suppressed even more, if it is possible.

First and final nail in the coffin of globalization

The world prides itself on globalization. At least, it used to. The pandemic has forced us to apply the principles of social distancing for saving our lives. With flight operations canceled, communication has suffered a major blow. Just not the air traffic, land, and seaways have been closed as well. While these measures are a necessity for suppressing the contagion, their impact on the concept of globalization is going to be massive. Apart from online connectivity, nothing seems to connect the world. One might go one step ahead and conclude that for our good, globalization must be discouraged. Globalization will only lead to a greater spread of the virus.

A shift in the global supply chain strategy

Well, it might result in lower profits, but shrinking the chain of operations is one policy all major multinational corporations must be thinking of. The increased reliance on automation has already lead to companies thinking about this business strategy. However, it seems as if it will become a reality in the world after coronavirus. As mentioned earlier, yes it might lead to a reduction in the profit rate. However, companies have to decide, what is more important? Profits or stability in trade? Of course, those companies that are concerned with the healthcare sector will go against this idea. This is their time, is not it? 

Environmental impact

The world after coronavirus seems to be a place of gloom and doom, as of now. However, there are a couple of positives. Do not give us that look; we are only trying to be optimistic! Have you looked outside your bedroom window? Does not the world seem a cleaner place ever since the lockdown has started? Have a look at the night sky. It is practically star-strewn these days! The virus will go away soon, hopefully. However, it has taught us, humans, a lesson. We are the ones polluting the earth and we still can reverse some of the inflicted damage! 

Humanity returns

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was obvious that governments alone could not fight this menace alone. Society had to play its part in combating the pathogen. It is still going on, as we speak. Humans have finally realized, even though it happened under the threat of their extinction that they need to stick together. We have seen some incredible stories of sympathy and empathy emerge amid this tragedy. We can only hope that kindness prevails, even in the world after coronavirus.


We wish we could go on, predicting the future is quite fun, even if it is grey and gloomy. Unfortunately, the limitations of time and space force us to conclude this discussion here. Nevertheless, we hope that you got a picture of what is coming. Recession is going to be one major hit to counter when the pandemic is over. That is not all that we will be coping with, sadly, as you might have seen in this article. Well, if humans were planning to become the idyllic version of themselves, now will be the best time to do it! 

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