Be a Part of Life Changing Cochlear Implant Surgeries

Be a Part of Life Changing Cochlear Implant Surgeries

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Project Overview

Cochlear implant surgery is a medical procedure to replace a damaged inner ear with a device that produces hearing sensation by stimulating the auditory nerve. The surgery is highly effective and provides a major breakthrough in the quality of life of the patients, but its cost is very high. So, Transparent Hands aims at providing 50 cochlear implant surgeries to the most deserving patients in 2023. 


A survey conducted by World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that approximately 10 million people in Pakistan had some sort of hearing loss in 2018. Data from another study shows that the problem has surged by 15% in the last decade, which is alarming. The problem is said to be on the rise, and the number of kids born with hearing impairment is also rising.

In Pakistan, cochlear implant surgeries are very expensive, and poor people cannot afford them. Data from Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal states that there is a backlog of more than 2200 cochlear implant patients register with the organization, and 200 of them need the surgery urgently. It must be understood that this surgery may be ineffective when a patient grows older than 5 years. So, Transparent Hands aims to treat 50 cochlear implant patients as soon as possible. 

Transparent Hands’ Effective Role in Health Sector 

Transparent Hands has been working tirelessly to improve the healthcare situation in Pakistan, especially for underprivileged communities in rural and remote areas. Healthcare in these localities is highly inadequate and unaffordable to most of the population. Unfortunately, the health system in these areas is in dire need of improvement, and many people are unable to access the quality medical treatments they need due to financial constraints. 

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, regardless of their financial situation. By providing free cochlear implant surgeries, we hope to bring joy and an improved quality of life to those in need. Every contribution, no matter how small, can help make a difference.

Project Target 

To help address this issue, Transparent Hands aims to launch a project in 2023 to provide 50 free cochlear implant surgeries to poor patients, especially children. Cochlear implants are an effective way to treat hearing loss and can greatly improve the quality of life for those who suffer from it. Unfortunately, the cost of the surgery is often too high for many people, especially those in underprivileged communities.

The estimated cost of this project is PKR 100 million (each surgery costs PKR 2 million), and Transparent Hands needs donations from our generous supporters to help complete this project. With your help, we can provide life-changing medical treatments to those who need them most and bring hope to the lives of those suffering from hearing loss.

Costs Associated With Each Surgery 

There are certain costs associated with each surgery and the money you donate will be spent on: 

Sr. No Title Amount
1 Cochlear Implant device: USD 7,000
2 Surgeon/Doctor fees + Anesthetist fees + Operation charges USD 540
3 Hospital charges (lab tests + medicines & disposables + room charges) USD 350
Total Cost Per Case USD 7,890
Total Cost 50 Cases USD 394,500


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