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Since 2014, Transparent Hands has been serving the underprivileged community across Pakistan by providing them best healthcare experience. Check out what our Patients, Doctors, Donors and Others have to say about our life-saving journey!


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In this world where majority of people only care about themselves, there are some who think about humanity at large. One such name is Transparent Hands who is facilitating all those people who cannot afford to pay for their surgical treatment themselves. I appreciate Transparent Hands for doing such a commendable job. I believe that this organization is a ray of hope for the people of Pakistan. Please be a part of their movement and make Pakistan healthy, wealthy and wise.

Haseeb Khan

Actor and Director Public Relations & Communications at Superior Group



I have known about Transparent Hands for over a year, and earlier this year I had a chance to visit them in Pakistan. I came away very impressed with the professionalism and dedication with which they have approached this worthy cause. The IT platform they have developed is an excellent example of how best to use technology to benefit the deserving poor. At the same time, Transparent Hands provides a very simple way for all well-meaning people to make a difference in the lives of those in need of dire medical care.

S. Qaisar Shareef

Senior Advisor


It is a privilege to be involved with Transparent Hands Foundation US. This organization has taken on a worthy and desperately needed endeavor. By ensuring patients receive the critical medical treatment they deserve, and managing the process with complete transparency, all of the key stakeholders including individual and corporate donors, recipients, and caregivers, can share in the positive outcomes

Michel Heitstuman

COO & Director


I have been involved with Transparent Hands from the very beginning when they were at the idea stage. Due to their team's dedication and hard work, they have achieved major milestones in launching the technology platform for patient's visibility and providing a place for donors and patients to build an emotional bond. In addition, they have done an amazing job in building a network of trusted specialized hospitals, streamlining the operations, providing transparency to stakeholders at every step.

Qasim Mueen




Unfortunately, there is too much poverty in our country due to which a common man is unable to afford medical facilities which are too expensive. In such poor situation, Transparent Hands has become a blessing in disguise for the poor patients who need to undergo surgical treatments. Transparent Hands has conducted hundreds of free surgeries and continuing to do more. I believe there should be many more organizations like this in our country. The level of transparency which Transparent Hands is showing should be followed by all other NGOs. They are providing free of cost surgical treatment to the children who are future of our country and the people under 60 years of age who are taking care of their big families. I appeal to those who are rich to contribute towards this noble cause so that this idea gets encouragement and many more people who cannot afford surgical treatment can benefit from it.

Dr Khursheed

Zainab Memorial Hospital


Transparent Hands is really working transparently for poor patients. We all should hold the hands of Transparent Hands and make a worldwide strong chain of hands for Humanity.

Dr. Mazhar

Zainab Memorial Hospital


The fact that a maximum number of needy patients in the rural areas of Pakistan are getting access to the best possible healthcare services from the platform of Transparent Hands is quite commendable.

Dr. Naseer

Naseer Hospital


I have never seen an organization working as transparently as this one, which does not just only provides free of cost surgeries to the needy people but also make sure that they satisfy them by answering all of their queries.

Dr. Athar

Shaikh Zayed Hospital


I feel privileged to be a part of a cause which is dedicated to helping the needy ones. Through extensive care and with the help of medical experts they are making sure that every patient received the right care and treatment without any class discrimination.

Dr. Farman

Ittefaq Hospital Lahore


I am a Pediatric cardiac surgeon in Lahore. I have a pleasure of working with Ms. Rameeza Moin and her Team at Transparent Hands which is an organization that has been helping very poor patients who need different kind of Surgeries. I have operated a number of Patients for them who are poor Patients genuinely in need and have congenital heart disease. Alhamdulillah, we have been working together for last 2 years and great Success. I wish them all the best in future intervals and hope they will continue to help children in Pakistan who need heart surgery. Thank you!

Dr. Salman Ahmed

Ittefaq Hospital


If you're looking for a platform that goes out of the usual way of providing transparency to donors and the best medical facility to the underprivileged community of Pakistan; Transparent Hands is the best option.

Dr. Ahmed Fawad Syami

Social Security Hospital



Healthcare is one the basic needs of every human being. Organizations like Transparent Hands give hope to countless people with humble backgrounds who can’t afford to acquire quality healthcare on their own. Each treatment received through Transparent Hands changes the lives of not only the patient but every person associated with the patient. It is a pleasure for Packages Foundation, that with the help of Transparent Hands, it is able to make a difference to the lives of these people.

Packages Foundation


I was profoundly impressed and inspired by the kind, caring and compassionate approach of Transparent Hands in selflessly serving deserving humanity, following my firsthand experience with them. Their use of an innovative web-based tool, which reflects their high levels of professional commitment and integrity, for the ultimate benefit of our underprivileged brethren and to enable the honorable donors to conveniently track their valuable contributions online in real time, speaks volumes of their dedication to their commendable cause.I wish them all the best in their worthy endeavors

Mehdi Mohsin

Director Mitchell's Fruit Farms Ltd.


I really appreciate the great efforts of Transparent Hands in serving the poor people of our society. I had the honor to be a guest speaker at their event and was thoroughly inspired by the wonderful work they are doing. If you are looking for a platform to donate and to make a difference to our community, choose Transparent Hands. They not only conduct the surgeries of poor people free of cost but also ensure complete transparency. Every penny you spend will be used in a right way. I wish them all the best for their future endeavors and recommend you to support them and save lives.

Moazam Shahbaz

Head of Marketing, Communication & Research ROZEE.PK


We, as a Company, are honored to be a part of an initiative that is serving the needy & deserving people of our society because we believe that every life deserves good healthcare & it should be given without any discrimination. We are greatly impressed by the professionalism, passion and commitment of the Transparent Hands team and we are committed to support their noble cause in every possible way.

Agha Zafar

Chairman and CEO - Kansai Paints


When TkXel was looking for an authentic platform where we could share our donations, which on TkXel’s behalf can be a helping hand to the deserving ones; we came across Transparent Hands to be a very effective source. We’re happy that till now & even in the future, TkXel’s contributions shall be helping to save some lives or help some patients get cured & live a healthy life. Transparent Hands is playing a very good role between the contributors & the needy ones. We wish them all the best in this step.

Umair Javed

Founder and CEO - Tkxel


Rohit Shahzad

I love my science class because they teach us amazing new things in it every day. When I got sick, I hated having to miss my class. The day we found out that Transparent Hands will get my surgery conducted for free, my mother and I were so overjoyed. I want to thank all the donors that came through for us. I am finally able to get back to my class and learn new things again. I really want to do well at school so I can be a doctor someday and help people out as well!

Rohit Shahzad

Left Inguinal Hernia

Noor Fatima

My daughter’s condition caused her constant discomfort. And it had so many future implications that it worried us non-stop. We just didn’t know how to get her the necessary medical help. We have no resources, we don’t even own a house. When Transparent Hands came to our aid, it felt like a huge burden had been lifted off our shoulders. So many donors came to my daughter’s aid. Her corrective surgery was done with your help and we are grateful.

Noor Fatima

Rectovestibular Fistula (RVF)

Anyat Khan Heart Surgery

When I started having heart problems, I thought I had no future. Even though it is a curable condition, the cost of that cure is so high that I thought I might as well resign to my fate. It was just by a stroke of luck that I came to know of Transparent Hands, so I asked for their help. I was able to get my open-heart surgery done through the support of all the donors. I got a new lease on life. Thank you!

Anyat Khan

Open-Heart Surgery


When my right hand was amputated after it got stuck in a machine, I lost all hopes. It was extremely difficult for me to perform all my activities with one hand. I also lost my job due to this. Transparent Hands helped me gain my confidence again by providing me free treatment. I underwent free medical procedure through them and got a mechanical functional hand. They didn’t charge a single penny from me for which I’m extremely thankful to them. Without their support, I and my family would have been still suffering today.

Kashif Shahzad

Mechanical Functional Hand


No words can describe my happiness after getting my surgery done through Transparent Hands. One year ago, my life was completely different and my children and husband were being affected due to my condition. Thank you very much for helping me with your kind donations and letting me take care of my family once again.

Ambreen Bibi

Gall Bladder Stones


I still remember the crucial time when my mother was on the verge of death and I was helplessly watching her in pain. I knocked on many doors and pleaded for help but nobody came forward. That’s when I learned about this organization and immediately came here with my mother. With the cooperation and support of all the donors, my mother underwent her life-saving surgery and is now cancer free. I’m sincerely thankful to you for saving my world; MY MOTHER.

Rasheeda Bibi

Breast Cancer


I cannot even explain you the pain I was going through due to implants in my leg. My family of 8 members is dependent on me but due to my condition, I wasn’t even able to earn for them. Thanks to Transparent Hands for providing me timely treatment without which I would have suffered from further complications. Today, I’m actively working and taking care of my family all because of your support and prayers.

Ghulam Fareed

Implant Removal


Despite his severe health condition, Husnain always remained happy but as parents, watching him getting one step closer to death was killing us every moment. We couldn’t do anything to provide him relief. That’s when team Transparent Hands helped us. They did not only conduct our child’s heart surgery free of cost but also provided special care to us. We are forever grateful to them and all the donors for their love and care.

Husnain Muawiya

Open Heart Surgery


We came all the way to Pakistan from Afghanistan for our daughter’s surgery. In our country, due to war and Taliban’s attacks, it was impossible for us to get her treated as we had to leave our home and lost all our possessions. I’ve no words to describe how thankful I’m to see my daughter recovering after surgery, all because of you people. Without your support, we would have lost our daughter forever.

Mursal Hassan

Open Heart Surgery


Thank you so much for all the care and love Transparent Hands has shown for me. I am so pleased with surgery results. You guys are doing a great job. I pray to Allah daily for your huge success.




Doctors recommended me immediate surgery to remove my kidney stones. My husband works as a farmer and we had three children who died right after their birth. I had no money to operate myself immediately from any hospital. I do not know how to thank you for the service and care which Transparent Hands provided when I needed it the most.

Haleema Bibi

Kidney Stones


 I want to say thank you for the care and attention Transparent Hands has given to my brother at the time he was in your care. His cardiac surgery was done with intensive care. You are the one “Light for poor”. May Allah give you more success in your work.

Asif Ali



I can’t thank you enough for the expert care and genuine concern you showed during Abdul Ghaffar’s surgery. Everyone took care of my son during surgery and specially with the surgeon and TH’s effort my son got a new life. I will always pray for them.

Abdul Ghaffar



My elder son died of typhoid and younger son is mentally challenged, my daughter got divorced and I’m too old to work and earn anything. My kind neighbors support us for food. I had stones in my urinary bladder for which I needed to get a surgery. Somehow my neighbors approached Transparent Hands and they got me operated. I am very thankful to Transparent Hands and pray that may Allah bless you for your tremendous efforts.

Haji M. Shafi

Ureteral stones


I am very thankful to you and your staff. I am humbled and gracious regarding my experience, having prostate gland surgery done on Aug 26, 2016 by Transparent Hands.

Muhammad Iqbal

Prostate glands


I underwent two surgeries to treat bladder stones from local hospital and both times my surgery failed and my bladder developed other stones at the same spot. I was afraid to go to local hospitals again due to negligences. I had been on the urine bag for 8 months. I am so glad I decided to have my surgery done by Transparent Hands and feel blessed that you and your team made it possible for me and I didn’t have to pay a single penny.

Muhammad Miraj



My husband died 5 years ago due to electric shock. My family’s financial condition was worsening day by day. I used to have moderate to severe pain in my stomach for many years and I had no money to pay for my surgery. Transparent Hands got me operated by an expert surgeon and paid all my surgery expenses. Now, the pain has disappeared and I am living a healthier life with my kids.

Sakina Maqbool



I am very pleased with the results and I am enjoying the confidence that came after the hysterectomy. You have changed my life. I am forever grateful to Transparent Hands. May you be blessed with more success always.

Shamshad Bibi



It was a privilege to have my hip replacement surgery done with the high-quality implant by Transparent Hands without paying any cost in PSRD. Whilst I didn’t have any high hopes that I would be able to make it, but the level of care and professionalism showed towards me at every visit certainly made the whole experience remarkable and removed all the fears I had. I can now walk and sit perfectly.

Muhammad Iftikhar

Hip replacement