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Your donations allow us to continue to provide free & quality healthcare services to most vulnerable people across Pakistan without any discrimination. Together we can alleviate the sufferings of needy people and their families by supporting their Medical & Surgical treatment.

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Meer Afzal
Zakat Eligible

Donate for Meer’s ACL Repair

Tragedy never comes alone. It always brings its consequences with it which are often far worse than the tragedy its... [Read More]

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$ 1,398.01 Required
$ 50 Raised
Hamza Ali
Zakat Eligible

Donate to Hamza Ali for His Cochlear Implant

Hamza’s parents have requested your help in getting their son’s hearing ability back. Help this young father tu... [Read More]

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$ 13,460.47 Required
$ 6,928.89 Raised
Zakat Eligible

Donate to Saman for Her Eye Surgery

Saman’s eye surgery would only be possible if you decide to donate for her. We request you to support her and mak... [Read More]

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Ulfat Bibi
Zakat Eligible

Donate for Ulfat’s Knee Replacement

Before you proceed to read the details of Ulfat’s ailment, please know that your help will enable Ulfat Bibi to w... [Read More]

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$ 2,382.59 Required
$ 224.03 Raised
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Medical Procedures

jabbar Hussian
Zakat Eligible

Donate for Jabbar’s Cardiac Procedures

Jabbar Hussain has been hovering over the threshold of life and death. [Read More]

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$ 1,968.40 Required
$ 740.15 Raised
Shehnaz Bibi
Zakat Eligible

Donate for Shehnaz Bibi’s Chemotherapy

Before you dive into Shehnaz Bibi’s tale of woes, please know that your help can save her life. Your donation, ho... [Read More]

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$ 415.79 Raised
Muhammad Sher
Zakat Eligible

Donate for Muhammad Sher’s Chemotherapy

Before you dive into the details of how cancer has ruined Muhammad Sher’s life, we want you to know that you can ... [Read More]

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$ 1,571.97 Required
$ 177 Raised
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