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Your donations allow us to continue to provide free & quality healthcare services to most vulnerable people across Pakistan without any discrimination. Together we can alleviate the sufferings of needy people and their families by supporting their Medical & Surgical treatment.

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Akasha Akbar

Donate to Akasha Akbar for His Cochlear Implant

Your donations can help a 6-year-old get his hearing ability back. This is a chance Akasha deserves. Please contrib... [Read More]

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$ 11,886.24 Required
$ 4,657.59 Raised
Zainab Amjad

Donate to Zainab Amjad for Her Cochlear Implant

Our individual contributions can collectively fund this expensive surgery for Zainab. To send in yours, please clic... [Read More]

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$ 11,434.29 Required
$ 1,512.87 Raised
Nisar Bano

Donate to Nisar Bano for Her Ureteroscopy

Nisar had no one in the world to turn to so she came to Transparent Hands. Please donate to her to enable us to sup... [Read More]

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$ 1,189.90 Required
$ 705.12 Raised

Donate to Umama Habib for Her Cochlear Implant

To help Umama have her surgery and enable her to hear once again, please send in your contribution to her surgery e... [Read More]

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$ 7,351.03 Raised
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Medical Procedures


Donate to Saima Faryad for Her C-Section

To enable us to arrange for Saima’s C-section surgery, please send in your contributions today. Every contributio... [Read More]

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$ 406.77 Required
$ 213.66 Raised
Sobia Bibi

Donate to Sobia Bibi for Her C-Section

To ensure that Sobia Bibi's child arrives into this world safely, please donate to her today. Each donation helps i... [Read More]

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$ 586.76 Required
$ 187.50 Raised
Robi Bibi

Donate to Robi Bibi for Her C-Section

Robi Bibi requires your donations to have a safe delivery. If you wish to help her out, please send in your contrib... [Read More]

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$ 586.76 Required
$ 287.50 Raised

Donate to Kinza Fatima for Her C-Section

To have her operation safely, at a competent institute, Kinza’s only hope is the donations collected through this... [Read More]

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$ 404.41 Required
$ 172.80 Raised
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Special Campaigns

Tele Health

Help Us Deliver Tele-Health Facilities to the Dese...

Transparent Hands plans to set up free tele-health facilities in the villages of Dohda, Langah, Hasola and Mulhal M... [Read More]

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$ 12,170.16 Raised
Covid 19

Donate for Personal Protection Equipment for COVID...

Help Transparent Hands Provide Personal Protective Equipment to Medical Staff [Read More]

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$ 19,037.51 Raised
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