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Your donations allow us to continue to provide free & quality healthcare services to most vulnerable people across Pakistan without any discrimination. Together we can alleviate the sufferings of needy people and their families by supporting their Medical & Surgical treatment.

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Sumiya Umar
Zakat Eligible

Help Sumiya Umar See Better

8 years old Sumiya Umar has been complaining about not being able to see the blackboard in class. [Read More]

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Farhan Iqbal
Zakat Eligible

Donate for Farhan Iqbal’s Open Heart Surgery

After the surgery, Farhan Iqbal will be able to participate in normal activities without any increased risk. As a l... [Read More]

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Zakat Eligible

Donate for Mujeeb Ullah’s Cardiac Procedure

18 months old Mujeeb Ullah’s short story will make you question the fairness of life if nothing else. He suffers ... [Read More]

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Asia Idrees

Donate to Asia Idrees for Her Sacrohystropexy

Yes, you read it right. We have decided to help Asia Idrees in having her sacrohysteropexy. Which is why we urge yo... [Read More]

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Medical Procedures


Donate for Zakiya Akbar’s Cardiac Procedure

The recommended treatment is not only safe but also very effective. But we must reiterate. Your help is needed IMME... [Read More]

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Ziyarat Shah

Donate to Ziyarat Shah for His Coronary Angiograph...

Ziyarat Shah’s health is deteriorating day by day. Your donations can help save his life. Please consider making ... [Read More]

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Zakat Eligible

Donate for Sadia Bibi’s C-section

Sadia Bibi hails from Multan and is currently pregnant with a 31-week baby.  She has been advised a C-section by h... [Read More]

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Zakat Eligible

Donate for Anwari’s Cardiac Procedure

Part of loving your spouse is always being afraid of losing them. The fear of abandonment keeps hovering above your... [Read More]

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Special Campaigns

Tele Health

Help Us Deliver Tele-Health Facilities to the Dese...

Transparent Hands plans to set up free tele-health facilities in the villages of Dohda, Langah, Hasola and Mulhal M... [Read More]

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