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Your donations allow us to continue to provide free & quality healthcare services to most vulnerable people across Pakistan without any discrimination. Together we can alleviate the sufferings of needy people and their families by supporting their Medical & Surgical treatment.

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Zakat Eligible

Give the Gift of Hearing to Kashf

Kashaf Fatima is a young girl who has been living in complete silence for the past four years. She is unable to com... [Read More]

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Support Nadir’s Redo Open-Heart Surgery

Nadir is in critical condition due to a congenital heart defect that must be corrected as soon as possible with car... [Read More]

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Donate for Iman’s Cochlear Implant Surgery

Iman has been living in a world of silence since birth. Please donate for  Iman's cochlear implant surgery and mak... [Read More]

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Ali Burhan
Zakat Eligible

Ali awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery

As, Ali awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery, we ask you donate for his case. Your contribution will provide Ali with t... [Read More]

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Medical Procedures

Naseem jan pre image
Zakat Eligible

Give for Naseem Jan’s Cholecystectomy

Naseem Jan has gallstones, and this condition is causing her a lot of pain and discomfort. The constant pain is mak... [Read More]

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Preety Raheel pre image

Support Preety’s C-Section

Preety Raheel, a 22-year-old resident of Karachi, is pregnant with her second child. In her seventh month of pregna... [Read More]

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Waheed pre image
Zakat Eligible

Give for Waheed’s Artificial Leg

Waheed's disability has not only taken a toll on his body, but it has also deeply wounded his spirit. He now feels ... [Read More]

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Muhammad Azan pre image
Zakat Eligible

Help Azan to get Hearing Aid

In the town of Kasur, young Muhammad Azan, at the age of 13, has been bravely battling the challenges of hearing lo... [Read More]

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Special Campaigns

Land acquisition for desercing patients

Donate to Transparent Hands to Build a Trust Hospi...

Transparent Hands is on a mission to improve healthcare access for poor and underprivileged communities in Pakistan... [Read More]

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