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Zakat Eligible

Support Salma’s Gift of Hearing

In the remote hilly village of Battagram, hope faded amidst the struggles of a deserving family. Their four-year-ol... [Read More]

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Farzana khatoon pre image
Zakat Eligible

Help Farzana Unveil Melody

A three-year-old resident of Larkana, named Farzana Khatoon, is confined within the walls of silence. he's been liv... [Read More]

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Zakat Eligible

Give Ibrahim a Chance at Life

Ibrahim, a courageous 3-year-old boy from Sialkot, has been grappling with shortness of breath, chest pain, bluish ... [Read More]

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Laibia bibi pre image
Zakat Eligible

Help Laiba to Enter into World of Sound

In the serene town of Charsadda, a young girl named Laiba Bibi lives in a world of silence. At just four years old,... [Read More]

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Medical Procedures

Fatima CT Scan patient

Support Fatima’s CT Scan

Fatima Shabbir Hussain, a 62-year-old resident of Karachi, is facing a distressing situation as she experiences aty... [Read More]

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Shahnaz pre image

Help Shahnaz Overcome Breast Cancer

Shahnaz Ijaz, a 65-year-old resident of Lahore, has been courageously battling breast cancer for the past 1.5 years... [Read More]

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Shabana Breast Cancer Patient

Help Shabana Beat Breast Cancer

Shabana Kausar, a 38-year-old resident of Gujranwala, experienced a lump in her right breast that prompted her to s... [Read More]

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Sher Muhammad pre image Hepatitis B
Zakat Eligible

Help Sher to Overcome Hepatitis B

In the city of Jacobabad, Sher Muhammad, aged 35, has started experiencing frequent urination and generalized weakn... [Read More]

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Special Campaigns

special campaign for Sindh
Zakat Eligible

Combat Communicable Diseases in Sindh’s Vuln...

Transparent Hands has been combating communicable diseases like Hepatitis C in multiple ways, including early diagn... [Read More]

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Land acquisition for desercing patients

Donate to Transparent Hands to Build a Trust Hospi...

Transparent Hands is on a mission to improve healthcare access for poor and underprivileged communities in Pakistan... [Read More]

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