Live Transmission About Transparent Hands on Just1 TV

Live Transmission About Transparent Hands on Just1 TV

Transparent Hands on Just1 TV

A live transmission about Transparent Hands aired on Just1 TV on Tuesday, August 26th, 2020. This transmission featured Transparent Hands Vice President, Khawaja Ahmed, who talked about the challenges faced by the organization. He also talked about how the TH team manages to overcome all the obstacles faced by them on a daily basis.

In the transmission, Khawaja Ahmed also specifically addressed the corporate sector of Pakistan. He asked them to take on more social responsibility by donating their CSR budget to NGOs like Transparent Hands because it is these donations that keep organizations running. Pakistan has over 80 million people who live under the poverty line and cannot afford basic healthcare. Relying solely on zakat and donations, Transparent Hands aims to serve people across Pakistan who are in need of surgeries as well as medical procedures while working with the best private hospitals. To expand this work and keep serving those in need, Transparent Hands needs strong backing from the corporate sector, according to Khawaja Ahmed.

Watch the full transmission below:

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