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Fidya is a type of donation that Muslims are obligated to pay for missing fasts due to valid reasons. Fidya becomes applicable when a person misses a fast because of a valid issue such as a prolonged illness or old age, and cannot make up for the missed fasts later. Transparent Hands helps the most deserving people with your Fidya to maximize the impact of your donation during Ramadan.

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"Ramadan is an Honorable and blessed month, and the rewards for generosity are multiplied in it."


The Fidya amount is $6 for each missed fast. The amount can provide two people with one meal or two meals to one person.

Like Zakat, Fidya is given to the needy and poor. It can be given directly to eligible individuals or through charitable organizations.

The calculation of Fidya typically involves an amount of money or food equivalent to the cost of feeding a person for each missed day of fasting.

Yes, Fidya can be given in the form of food. Some people prefer to give money while others opt to provide staple food items to those in need.

Help Others this Ramadan

Generosity with an open heart is greatly rewarded in Islam, and the blessings received are multiplied significantly during
the holy month of Ramadan. Give generously and be a source of hope and miracles for the less fortunate.

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