Transparent Hands’ Medical Camp Featured in Print Media

Transparent Hands’ Medical Camp Featured in Print Media

Transparent Hands' Medical Camp

The Transparent Hands team organized a free medical camp in Chakwal on 29th October 2020. Our medical team consisted of 14 experts including 1 supervisor, 3 doctors (2 male and 1 female), 2 pharmacists, 1 lab technician, 1 patient registrar, 1 photographer, 1 female nurse and 4 crew workers. More than 200 patients were provided with free consultations and medicines. Some of the tests conducted, in the camp, included Hepatitis B and C, blood sugar, and blood pressure. Our team shortlisted 7 patients that needed surgical intervention while consultation. One patient tested positive for Hepatitis C. All these cases were registered with our organization for further follow-up.

This medical camp was featured in multiple newspapers on 5th and 6th November, 2020. The names of the newspapers include:

  1. Roznama Pakistan
  2. Jahan Pakistan
  3. Roznama Nae Baat
  4. Roznama Osaaf
  5. Daily City 42
  6. Roznama Sama
  7. Roznama Mashriq
  8. Roznama Aftab
  9. Roznama Ajkal
  10. Roznama Sahafat

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