Transparent Hands – Winner of the International CSR Award 2020

Transparent Hands – Winner of the International CSR Award 2020

CSR Award 2020

We are proud to announce that Transparent Hands won the prestigious 9th International Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the category of “Public Health Safety Initiative”. The award was presented at the 9th International CSR Summit and CSR Gallery held on January 30th, 2020 at Pool Marquee, Hotel Marriott, Karachi. Prominent personalities belonging to the corporate sector, government organizations, NGOs, academia and media attended the event.

The purpose of the International CSR awards is to acknowledge activities and initiatives by companies that promote the welfare of their community. This year, the awards included 22 categories ranging from areas of business practices to engagement and communications to social impact. This award is the first and only CSR Award of Pakistan that is registered with the IPO Government of Pakistan.

The ceremony started off with speeches by a few selected speakers including the Transparent Hands CEO, Rameeza Mueen. In her speech, she talked about the humble origins of Transparent Hands and how, through the years, it has become one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in healthcare.

“This is just a beginning; Transparent Hands has a great vision. We want to solve all of Pakistan’s healthcare problems. We want to work with all of you, all the good quality hospitals, innovative private health companies, impactful NGOs, foundations and government systems so that we all together can make a healthy Pakistan.

One can imagine that this is not as easily done as said, but yes, with persistence and hard work, you could achieve anything.”- Rameeza Mueen.

A special thanks to the team of Transparent Hands whose tireless efforts brought home this award. We hope to keep working together for many such honors in the future.

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