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Transparent Hands provides free medical & surgical treatments and also organizes free medical camps for deserving patients all over Pakistan with complete transparency.

People of Bahawalpur Need Our Help

Transparent Hands aspires to reach out to the underprivileged residents of Bhawalpur. Donate to Bhawalpur Medical a... [Read More]

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Help Us Provide Free Healthcare to the Laborers of...

Transparent Hands sets out to arrange a free medical and surgical camp in Sundar Industrial Area of Punjab. [Read More]

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Maryam Tahir
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Maryam Tahir awaits Herniotomy 

As Maryam Tahir awaits Herniotomy, donate generously and help us bring back the smile on Maryam’s face as soon as... [Read More]

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Muhammad Ashfaq
Zakat Eligible

Donate for Ashfaq’s Hip Replacement Surgery

Your generous help has lessened half of Muhammad Ashfaq’s pain already. Now, please donate for Ashfaq’s Hip Rep... [Read More]

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