All You Need to Know About Zigron Cricket Fiesta 4 2019

All You Need to Know About Zigron Cricket Fiesta 4 2019

4th Zigron Cricket Fiesta 2019

The 4th Cricket Fiesta 2019 was organized by Transparent Hands and Zigron Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. continues in full swing with matches being played in Lahore and Islamabad. As the cricket battle of IT companies has spilled out from the boardrooms onto the cricket field, we can already feel the heat among the teams challenging one another for the faceoff and expressing their open will to knock each other out to win the trophy.

The tournament which kicked-off on 23rd February 2019 in both cities saw thrilling matches between IT teams which competed fiercely to reach next round. The main sponsors of the Zigron Cricket Fiesta are GeometryCa & Lion Dayle Enterprises. “Entertainment Guru” is the official media partner of this tournament. 

ZCF4 2019 comprises of 36 teams from IT industry of both the cities which include tech pioneers such as follows:

  1. Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)
  2. Abacus Consulting
  3. Nexel Services
  4. Convo
  5. Alachisoft
  6. Bentley Systems
  7. IPLEX pvt
  8. Sybrid (Pvt) Ltd
  9. LMKT
  10. PMTAC (Pvt) Ltd
  11. Stella Technology SMC PVT LTD
  12. MTBC
  13. BellMedEx
  14. Nobility MBS
  15. Synergy-IT
  16. Teradata
  17. Zepto Systems Ltd
  18. F3 Technologies
  19. Uforia Logic
  20. Protege Global
  21. S&P Global Market Intelligence
  22. Wiseman Innovations
  23. AKSA-SDS
  24. Datumsquare IT services
  25. MFSYS Software and Systems Pvt.Ltd
  26. Konstant Variables
  27. PRAL
  28. Broadpeak Technologies
  29. Mercurial Minds Pvt Ltd
  30. IBEX Global (TRG)
  31. Ciklum
  32. LMKR
  33. Graana Group of Companies
  34. Sequel Technologies (PVT) Ltd
  35. Zigron
  36. Transparent Hands

Zigron and its social and welfare partner Transparent Hands believe that healthy minds and bodies lead to increased productivity specifically in the IT sector where employees hardly get their time off computers. The tournament provides an excellent platform for tech companies to come together and engage with each other which doesn’t only boost their morale but also enhances teamwork and productivity.

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