Transparent Hands and DVAGO Pharmacy & Wellness Experts Sign an MoU 

Transparent Hands and DVAGO Pharmacy & Wellness Experts Sign an MoU 

Transparent Hands and DVAGO Signed an MoU 

Transparent Hands, a leading online crowdfunding platform that provides free treatments to deserving patients in Pakistan, is pleased to announce a new partnership with DVAGO Pharmacy & Wellness Experts to improve access to healthcare in Sindh. On February 1, 2024, Mr. Raheel Abbas (Transparent Hands’ Director of Operations) and Mr. Wasif Khan (CEO, DVAGO) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU).

The MoU signing ceremony was also attended by Dr. Faraz Hashmi (Head of Corporate Sales and Medical Affairs, DVAGO), Mr. Adeel Ahmed (Chief Commercial Officer, DVAGO) and Mr. Afshan Ali (Deputy Manager of Corporate Sales & Medical Affairs at DVAGO). In addition, Transparent Hands was represented by Mr. Muhammad Faysal Hameed (Manager Business Development).   

As per the MoU, DVAGO will provide discounted medication to Transparent Hands for medical camps, making it possible to help a greater number of patients in Sindh. Furthermore, DVAGO and Transparent Hands will feature each other on digital platforms to raise brand awareness.

“Transparent Hands’ partnership with DVAGO marks an important milestone in our journey. Our collaboration with DVAGO comes at a fortunate time, as we plan to spread our services to the furthest corners of the country. We aim to provide treatments to more deserving patients across Sindh, make life-saving healthcare accessible, and spread the message of care and compassion,” said Mr. Raheel Abbas.

Since 2014, Transparent Hands has worked tirelessly to provide free healthcare across the country. The organization appreciates DVAGO’s commitment to this cause and plans to help an increasing number of underprivileged patients through this partnership.

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