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M Alyan Haider
Zakat Eligible

M Alyan Haider is in pain due to Inguinal Hernia

As we know that M Alyan Haider is in pain due to Inguinal Hernia, generously donate for M Alyan Haider’s Hernioto... [Read More]

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Naseem Mai
Zakat Eligible

Donate for Naseem’s Hip Replacement

Fate has not been kind to Naseem Mai. Before you dive into Naseem Mai’s tale of woes, we want you to know that yo... [Read More]

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Muhammad Anwar
Zakat Eligible

Muhammad Anwar’s prosthesis placement

We request you to please donate for Muhammad Anwar’s prosthesis placement as much as possible and help him walk a... [Read More]

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Muhammad Ayyan
Zakat Eligible

Muhammad Ayyan’s Cochlear Implant

Muhammad Ayyan’s case has been registered with Transparent Hands. Donate for Muhammad Ayyan’s Cochlear Implant ... [Read More]

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