Transparent Hands Bags E-NGO Challenge Award!

Washington News Interview

Rameeza Mueen, CEO Transparent Hands, on the Washington Night Show

Rameeza Mueen, CEO Transparent Hands, had an in-depth interview with Asim Siddique on the Washington Night Show, in which she talks about the organization and how it is providing medical and surgical care to the deserving patients of Pakistan with the help of its crowdfunding platform.

CEO's interview on NEXT TV

CEO Rameeza Mueen’s Interview on NEXT TV Aap Aur Aap

CEO Rameeza Moeen and Khalid Umerani were in conversation with Sibtain Kazmi on NEXT TV. This interview features a detailed discussion on the goals and objectives of Transparent Hands, as well as the current and future prospects of the organization.

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