Here Is How You Can Prevent A Stroke With These Useful Tips

Here Is How You Can Prevent A Stroke With These Useful Tips

A stroke occurs when the supply of oxygen and blood to brain cells is blocked. The first step in preventing the stroke is to know its contributing factors. After you are aware, it’s important to control the risk factors before they cause any serious damage. Some of these factors are uncontrollable such as age (over 60), gender (men are more prone to strokes), medical and family history. Strokes can happen to anyone, but if precautionary measures are taken, the risks can be reduced. Following are the ways which should be adopted to prevent the stroke.

  • Have a healthy Diet

A healthy diet can decrease the risk of having a stroke as it will control cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Therefore, it is recommended to eat low-fat and high fiber food including whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits. You should also reduce the amount of salt in your diet. Too much salt will result in high blood pressure leading to several health issues.

  • Control your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the major cause of stroke. Blood pressure if not controlled can lead to massive stroke in men and women. You should try to maintain your blood pressure by regularly checking it. If it goes above 120/80 then it must be treated in order to avoid any further consequences. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, it is important to reduce the salt intake and avoid high cholesterol foods including ice cream, burgers, cheese and butter.

  • Exercise regularly

Exercise along with the balanced diet plays an important role in maintaining good health. Regular exercise will also help in keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol at a healthy level. You can try plenty of activities including walking, cycling and running. You can also get help from a trainer and ask to give you proper plan of exercise. Exercise not only prevents stroke but also keeps you healthy for longer.

  • Treat Diabetes

Having diabetes puts you at higher risk for stroke. It damages blood vessels with the passage of time and increases clot formation inside them. Diabetes also makes it difficult for your body to react to stroke as your vessels are hardened and hence makes it tougher for blood to flow into your brain. If you are suffering from diabetes, it is important to monitor your sugar level regularly and adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent further diseases caused by it.

  • Quit smoking

Smoking not only increases your risks of having a heart disease but it also contributes to stroke. Regular smoking results in narrowing your arteries and increases the chance of blood clot formation. It also results in increasing the quantity of plaque buildup in arteries. You should ask your doctor to advise you the most effective way to quit smoking. You will notice a dramatic effect on your health when you stop smoking. Also, it significantly reduces the risk of stroke.

  • Watch your weight

Obesity results in many complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes which increases the risks of stroke. If you are overweight, you should control your diet and do regular exercise to avoid any serious disease. If you are having trouble in maintaining your weight, you can go to dietician or doctor and ask to make a healthy diet plan for you.

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