The Role of NGOs in Society & Communities with Low Income

List of Top 15 NonProfit Organizations in Pakistan

List of Top 15 NonProfit Organizations in Pakistan

Nonprofits in Pakistan are making sure to provide the less fortunate with free or accessible educational facilities via free schools and colleges. Nonprofit organizations in Pakistan are focused on the agenda of women empowerment as well.

List of Top 15 Nonprofit Organization in the USA

List of Top 15 Nonprofit Organizations in the USA

Nonprofit organizations are formed to benefit the society but they function differently from other charitable organizations. Nonprofits are formed as associations, foundations or trusts. Nonprofit can be political, charitable or veteran’s organizations etc.

top NGOs in USA

List of 15 Top NGO’s In USA

List of Top 15 NGO's In USA. The NGO's toiling hard to make the unequal world a better place. NGO’s are nongovernmental organizations extending their support to improve standards of living and prospects of people especially those in need. NGO’s are not for private benefits or profits. NGO’s do sometimes take part in revenue-generating activities in the business sector but that revenue is solemnly dedicated to the needy and to achieve the organization’s mission. According to The Global,  Journal  there is an estimated 10 million NGO's worldwide and each of them is working in numerous fields :for the refugees, animals, children, disabled, victims of war,...