A Free Medical Camp in Karachi Provided Quality Medical Care to a Vulnerable Community

A Free Medical Camp in Karachi Provided Quality Medical Care to a Vulnerable Community

  • 17 Feb 2024
  • Karachi
  • 7248

Transparent Hands recently organized a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session to provide quality healthcare services to underprivileged patients. It was held at Unit 2/3, Soorty Enterprises, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi on February 17, 2024. The main purpose of the camp was to address the healthcare needs of individuals who face financial hardships. 

Free Consultations, Medicines, and Diagnostic Tests

A total of 662 deserving patients had the privilege of receiving free consultations with expert doctors. The patients were not only provided with free consultations, but they also received free medicines, diabetes tests, screenings for hepatitis B and C, malaria tests, CBC, hemoglobin tests, LFT, RFT, ultrasound examinations, blood pressure check-ups, and a total of 246 diagnostic tests.

Preventive Healthcare Session 

One of our expert doctors conducted a preventive healthcare session focusing on personal hygiene and its impact on health.

Diseases and Treatments

Most of the patients who sought consultation were suffering from fever, cough, flu, skin allergies, skin infection, diabetes, body pain, high blood pressure, gastric problems, diarrhea, diabetes, body pain, and body weakness. 


The free medical camp in Karachi had a profound impact on the lives of 662 deserving patients and their families. It provided them with access to essential healthcare services that would have otherwise been unattainable due to financial constraints. Through the provision of free medical consultations and diagnostic tests, the camp effectively addressed the immediate healthcare needs of the patients. 

Moreover, the camp went beyond immediate medical care by offering preventive healthcare sessions that proved to be invaluable. These sessions played a vital role in raising awareness among attendees about the importance of prioritizing their health and taking proactive measures to prevent medical conditions.

Transparent Hands’ mission to extend quality healthcare to impoverished, remote, and rural regions of the country receives unwavering support from thousands of donors, amplifying its transformative impact.

Medical Camp Team

The medical camp team comprised 14 members, including one supervisor, four doctors (two females and two males), one nurse, two lab technicians, two pharmacists, and four patient registrars. 

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