Free Medical Camp in Tounsa Shareef, Dera Ghazi Khan

Free Medical Camp in Tounsa Shareef, Dera Ghazi Khan

  • 24 Jun 2023
  • Dera Ghazi Khan
  • 8461


Transparent Hands recently organized a free medical camp in Tounsa Shareef, Dera Ghazi Khan, on 24th June 2023 with the aim of providing quality healthcare to impoverished patients. The camp included free consultations, medicines, and diagnostic tests to address the healthcare needs of the underprivileged population.

Services Provided 

A total of 260 deserving patients had the opportunity to receive free consultations with expert doctors. The medical camp offered consultations for various health issues such as flu, allergies, scabies, fever, diabetes, body pains, cough, and stomach problems. Additionally, the patients received free medicines to aid their treatment. The camp also provided diagnostic tests including diabetes tests, uric acid tests, hepatitis B & C screenings, LFTs, RFTs, cholesterol checks, and blood pressure monitoring.

Preventive Healthcare Session

As part of the free medical camp, an informative session on preventive healthcare was conducted by our expert doctors. The session focused on the prevention and management of gastric issues, providing valuable knowledge to the attendees.


The free medical camp in Tounsa Shareef, Dera Ghazi Khan positively impacted the lives of 260 deserving patients and their families. The provision of quality healthcare services, including consultations, medicines, and diagnostic tests, helped address a range of common health issues in the community. The poor people were able to learn about the health they have been facing and couldn’t diagnose what was going on. They also received the necessary medical care they urgently needed. Transparent Hands received significant support from thousands of donors, enabling them to extend their mission of delivering quality healthcare to impoverished, remote, and rural areas across the country.

Medical Camp Team

The medical camp was successfully executed by a dedicated team comprising 17 members. The team consisted of one supervisor, four doctors (three male and one female), five lab technicians, two pharmacists, three patient registrars/crew members, one staff nurse, and one photographer. Additionally, volunteers from Superior University, Lahore, also actively participated in the camp, contributing to its overall success.

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Overall, the free medical camp organized by Transparent Hands in Tounsa Shareef, Dera Ghazi Khan, served as a vital healthcare initiative for the impoverished population. Through the provision of free consultations, medicines, and diagnostic tests, the camp addressed various health concerns of the patients. The preventive healthcare session further empowered attendees with knowledge to manage gastric issues effectively. Transparent Hands remains committed to expanding its reach and impact, supported by the generosity of numerous donors, to ensure quality healthcare for marginalized communities in remote and rural areas throughout the country.

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